Wednesday, September 14, 2011

tea parties are a staple of childhood.

..And, in my opinion, a staple of teenager-hood. Not to mention adulthood. I intend to have a tea party every week when I am 'grown up.' Just see if I don't! :]

Remember the tea party I mentioned? Here is the photo-evidence. :]

Left to right: My sister Anne, Me, and my friend Chrissy

Later on, we took a walk in the warm dusk and took some more photos.


"Chrissy of Green Gables" ;)

Summer is ending. Another chapter of life, under the guise of "Fall," is beginning. Savor it all, friends, lest this moment never come again.

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older."
-Tom Stoppard

p.s. (tomorrow is the last day to use the code, BELOVED0811, on the 'dress of your dreams.' see this post for details..)


  1. Ooooo! So much fun!!! I had a tea party with a bunch of my lady friends the other day too! I don't think I'll ever grow out of my love for tea parties:)
    Pretty pictures<3

  2. Beautiful post! I loved seeing your photographs :-) And those cookies looked *super* good!


    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. So what constitutes a "tea party"? Does it mean to involve more than one person, or the use of fine china, or to have yummies along with your tea? If not, then I enjoy a "tea party" nearly every day - me, myself and I sipping a delightful Celestial Seasonings herbal blend, a lovely peach green tea, Constant Comment, or another favorite, out of a tall tumbler, and on occasion I have a yummy to munch on. :) I agree, you never outgrow "tea parties." :) Lovely photos, by the way!

  4. Thanks so much for the comment on our blog, Lucia! We enjoyed hearing from you!
    Be sure to check back, because we will be posting more about our stories and our characters in the days to come.

  5. I ordered a dress from eShakti today with your coupon. Thank you so much, Lucia! It was very sweet of you to extend this *very* helpful discount.

    Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten it. And I really needed it. :)

  6. I love the way all of your pictures came out. The one of Olivia is lovely. I love the golden sun shining behind her and her hair.

  7. Beautiful pictures, Lucia <3 I think I see you wearing boots with your dress? That's me, for sure! Haha I wear my boots with everything :)
    I tried to click on the link you shared with the code, but it says my email doesn't have access to view that post?
    It's been forever since I've been by your blog, I've missed it!
    Love you, dear. <3
    -Rachel Lynn

  8. what a cute, old fashioned idea. :) lemonade always tastes sweeter, and pastries have an undeniable freshness when eating outside.

  9. I LOVE that new picture of you in your header... it's so perfect and you are so gorgeous! I think it fits your blog just right!


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