Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainbow Cake. ♥

I think that the rainbow was one of God's most spectacular creations. I mean, what better way to cheer up Noah and co. after a ginormous devestating catastrophe that robbed them of their friends and homes than with..


..this beauooooteeeful thang? I think I would have made a sacrifice, too. o.O

Kidding. :]


Soooo...with rainbows in mind, I thought I would share something that pretty much put a huge, cheesy, 'me-want-that-for-birfday' grin on my face as soon as I saw it.

Rainbows. Cake. The ultimate layered delicacy. Booyah. 
No fancy French cupcakes for me, than you very much:
you're looking at my future 16th birthday cake, right thar. :]

..Is that cheerful, or is that cheerful?!

Call me a little kid, but making this is going to be the most amazing part. Have I ever told y'all how much I love mixing food coloring? I think it's the way the frosting/batter becomes more colorful..and bright..and cheerful..

..I'm torn! Amazingly pretty-ful white frosted layer cake with rainbows inside, or amazingly adorable little cake with rainbows outside? :I

..a more unique twist. Wedding cake? :)

..nah. :P

Something about this cake makes me want to grab a handful of it and stuff my face. o.O
Not such a good idea, methinks? :]

*craves rainbow cake fight*

♥ It's. My. Dream. Cupcake. ♥

Grand finale photo? I think so. Ahhh!! Rainbow jello!!

..maybe for my half-birthday? ;)

*must leave now*


So what is your 'dream cake?'


  1. They are all so beautiful lol :) Now I am hungry :)

  2. I had rainbow cupcakes for my birthday this year, and a rainbow cake last year! =) They are so wonderfully cheerful and happy, it just brightens your whole day to see something so colorful! =)

    ~Miss Bea

  3. Oh goodness Lucia, please stop posting pictures like this. *winks* Thanks for making me hungrier. Well, at least I have blueberry pancakes coming up for breakfast. Yummness.

    My dream cake is anything chocolate. <3

  4. Interesting post! ;)

    My dream cake, for now, would have to be the Chocolate Truffle Cake. Along with these Truffle Chocolate Cupcakes. Mm-mm! :)

  5. Oh my word, how amazing! I don't think I've ever seen a cake quite like that before. What a wonderful idea for a 16th birthday cake. =) They all just look so great.

    Have a beautiful day, Lucia!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  6. those.look.amazing!!! i am so making one for my birthday!! i've made the rainbow jello before, and it is VERY good too. You made me hungry with those pictures! :)

  7. I say go for the cake that has white frosting outside but the rainbow coloring inside. =) These pictures totally brightened my morning! <3

  8. Wow! That's really neat! Me wants too... :P When is your birthday, Miss Lucia?

  9. I've made rainbow cake before, and you definitely should try it. It is so easy and fun and is a pretty awesome surprise when you cut into it and reveal a rainbow to people! :)

  10. Cute, cute!!! Just looking at those pictures makes me feel like a little kid! :) They're so bright and cheery...
    As for my dream cake, I have two ;) Austrian Sachertorte and the Italian Cassata alla Siciliana ( In both cases the fancy name seem to equal amazing taste! But, really they can't beat the cheeriness of your rainbow cakes!


    Oh... did you get my email? Because if you didn't I'll try resending it!

  11. Rainbows and rainbow cakes! This post looks so sweet.

  12. The look yummy. I'm just thinking about how un-healthy they are tho! :D (hey, I'm a health nut!)

    I'm about to e-mail you again....(yes I'm abusing your poor e-mail inbox. hehehe) :)


    P.S. I noticed that you have a Lila Rose giveaway going on. That is just TOO funny as todays giveaways is supposed to be a Lila Rose one on my blog! (do we share a brain or something????)

  13. Oh goodness, rainbow cake is de-lish! I made one for my mom's birthday back in January and it was delicious!

    My dream cake? Hmmm...

    Something six layered, something to do with colorful fondat, something *cute*. ^_^

  14. These cupcakes are an absolute blast to make! I made them with my niece, it was a total blast!

  15. I know this is an older post, But I couldn't help myself! ;)
    My friend made that cake on the top for her little baby last year.
    I loveeddd that cake!!
    I also love rainbows. God is so good.


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