Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Grande Ball~

"Let us read and let us dance -
two amusements that will never do any harm to the world."
- Voltaire

..Before I proceed any further in this post, let me forwarn you: horrible picture quality, and few photos. Unfortunatley, our "good" camera had to break the week before the ball; thus, we were left with one that doesn't focus unless the flash is used. Also, there was simply no time for pictures...only dancing. ;) The night was far too short, and I barely had time to talk at all with those who I had been wanting to see! :/ Nevertheless, it was still a grand time, and I will treasure these memories always.


The Count of Monte Cristo Ball was heavenly, as expected. ;)

..We began to "get ready" around 2:00 p.m. Our friend Christina, who was also attending, came by, and we all did our hair/got dressed.

{The finished dress, at last!}

..Can you believe that this ^^ is the best I could do??! Just one sentence: short on time. I promise better quality pictures of my dress at a later date, but for now, this will have to do. It was 12:30 a.m., we had just gotten home, no one was around..ugg. I hate resorting to self-taken photos, but it was a must. :] But, yes, that is the dress. I decided on a mint green was all flowy and nice, just the way I like a sash to be. Ooh..please don't laugh at this next picture's EXTREMELY awful picture quality. *Told* you the camera doesn't focus..

{My regency bun}

..It looked better in real life. I promise. o.O


We met at the C.'s house for carpooling, which was also where Michaela and Anna were staying. :] It was delightful to at last meet them, and have at least an hour in the car to talk/get to know them a little more. Sadly, we got a little lost on the roads and missed a part of the ball, but it was still fun going through pretty countryside and hearing the two sisters serenade us with "Les Miserables" ballades. ;)

{The Grande Ballroom}

..Just a little {*ahem*..fuzzy..} glimpse of the ballroom--I shot this quickly when we first arrived. Isn't it prettily decorated? I just love the pillars! <3

{Taniel and I}

A sweet friend, "Miss Eyebright" (Taniel), met for a few moments...she and her family didn't attend the ball, but stopped by to say "hello!" I wish we could've talked longer! :(

{Olivia, me, Shelbe}

{Michaela, me, Anna, and Olivia}

..The dance, in itself, was wonderful. I never realized how very much I enjoyed dancing, until we began to attend these balls! Especially the last one, which was Irish--entitled, "Marie's Wedding." It was so bouncy, and happy, and....delicious! ;)


I also met another young lady, Miss Hadley, whom I unfortunatley did not get a photo with, but whom I enjoyed very much, indeed. We did a little swing dancing together..imitation swing dancing, more like. ;) It was silly, but fun. I just love being silly sometimes..I can't help myself! And I cannot wait for the next ball...

*Newly Added!*

..A video of the lovely ball. Filming credit goes to D. Sauble.


  1. How Fun! My family just watched the Count of Monte Cristo, and the ball sounded like, well, a ball! Very cute dress by the way!

  2. Looks like it was a grand evening, indeed! You were beautiful in your dress! :)

  3. Yay! I love reading blog posts about balls and such. :)

    Did I tell you already that I moved my blog to ? I'm sorry if I already did, but I couldn't remember.

    Once again, I'm so glad that I got to meet you! It was wonderful!

  4. That sounds like so much fun, Lucia! Dancing is so much fun. :D

  5. Oh good! I *knew* you'd like Marie's Wedding! It's always a favorite and deliciously bouncy! :)
    And those are actually great pictures of you at the ball... I love the one of you girls with Anna and Michaela!

    "Swing dancing" was, of course, way too much fun... :) And we definitely need to get a picture together at the next ball!! Our camera decided to die after we took two pictures at the ball... O.o. So its fun to see your pictures!


  6. Looks like you had such a wonderful ball! I love you dress! And your hair. Both are very gorgeous. Now I really wish I could attend a ball.

  7. Lucia,

    I love your dress! It's lovely!

    And isn't "Marie's Wedding" such a fun tune! :) I'm learning it on my harp right now.


  8. You and Olivia look so pretty. And the ball looks like so much fun. I think we should get together and do some dancing...We know about twelve dance.

  9. So fun!! We are doing a Civil War Re-enactment, and there was a dance last night - we didn't stay for long but it was fun :) I've done ballet, but never any dancing like that :) One of the dances in your video looked like one we did - glad you had fun!!

  10. Your ball looks fun! We have one more dance lesson before our civl war dance ball in June! I CAN NOT wait. Check out my blog AND FOLLOW IT.


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