Thursday, May 5, 2011

Olivia~~Senior Photoshoot

My oldest sister, Olivia, is a senior in homeschooled high school this year. We decided to forgo any expensive professional shoots and go with little ol' me, photographer-in-training. I always need extra practice anyways, so this was fun! And, despite my lack of pro-ness, I think they turned out rather well!

We went to the city to take these photos in a pretty park. Don't know why. Just did! It was sun-shiney, and we had to wait for the clouds to cover the sun to get some good lighting. The most horrible time for taking pictures is 12:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m...when the sun is high in the sky. Yes, that's when we went.

But, we made do. :o)

One of my faves~~there's just something about little teensy-weensy daisies that I luuuv. And I'm a sucker for downwards shots. Check out the cute widdle guy in her hand, too..<3

..No, the camera wasn't tilted--she is on a hill. Yeah..just so's ya weren't blaming me. ;{)

..Did a yellow tint called "cross process" on this photo. I love that effect! Doesn't it make everything look super vintage-ish and awesome?

Birch trees always make good props. :)

Our friend Rachael came over to our house later and took a few shots.

..Love how the sun turned out in this one!


Which one, in your opinion, is ranked "best?" Though I must say Liv never takes a bad photo. ;)


All photos are copyright 2011 Lucia M. Do not use without permission.


  1. Awesome! You're a great photographer!

  2. You take beautiful pictures!! Of course, you had a lovely model, haha ;D But I paid for my senior pictures, and these are much better than mine, so you go girl!! :D

  3. Oh, and my favorite is a tie between the third and sixth pictures! :)

  4. These are lovely, Miss Lucia! I'd have to say that my two favorites are numbers six and nine.
    Congratulations, Olivia, on graduating this year!

    Many Blessings,

  5. I like the one in the tall grass and the 'vintage' one.
    All of them are lovely! Can you come take my pictures?!?! I live in Montana, not too far to drive is it? *GRIN*
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. I wish you lived closer to me...then I'd employ you!

    A photographer, despite how much she wishes, never can take a half decent photo of herself.

  7. Congrats to your sister on graduating! What an exciting time for her! =D

    You take such beautiful pictures, Lucia. =) I really like the first one, the one with her holding the daisy, and the shot of her looking up with her skirt all stretched out on the grass.

  8. You're an awesome photographer! I like the 3rd and 9th ones. I love her skirt in the second half!

  9. They all look so gorgeous! Your sister is really pretty and your a great photographer! :)

    My favorites are #'s 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10.

  10. How funny! My best friend and her sister are graduating this year and my Pastor's wife requested me to take both of their Senior photos! lol!

    Love them all!:D
    Lots of Love,

  11. Oh, I love them! She is a beautiful model and I think they look much nicer than the ones done in a studio and then edited to make the subject look too perfect-looking to be real which makes the seniors not really look as they do in real life. You are a wonderful photographer, Lucia! I do wish I had your talent.

  12. my favorite is the second one Rachel careful of what's in your background - the second one you took is cute, but her foot is coming out of her head.

    The colors are fantastic and I love the creative angles you used!


  13. Great job, Lucia! I really like all of them - can't choose my favorite. :)

  14. Blooming hearts for homeMay 6, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    My favorite was the edith one


  15. #9 is gorgeous! You and your sister are so beautiful!

  16. Oh I love them! They're beautiful! You're a great Photographer. :) God Bless!

    -Rachel Lynn

  17. These are beautiful, Lucia! You have an eye for a good photo.

    I would have to say the first shot is my favorite. The angle and the composition is lovely.

  18. I think you did an excellent job! My personal fav's were the 1st,
    3rd 6th and last. :) Keep it up!

  19. Your sister is so pretty! I like the 4th one, shes like thinking of something, preoccupied, unaware of anything but the flower she's holding..
    great shots btw. ((:

  20. Personally, I like the fourth one the best.....but it probably wouldn't be the best senior pic since the subject's eyes are hidden. So I think that the sixth one makes a perfect graduation pic.

  21. I like photos 4,5 and 6. :)


  22. I LOVE these pictures! You are really talented in photography. =)

  23. Those turned out really nice! Good job, sweetie.

  24. Lucia,

    They are all so pretty! I don't know which is my favorite! :)

    Which one did your sister pick?

    My mother took my senior pictures last year for me-- they turned out great and she's not a photographer! :)



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