Monday, May 30, 2011

So, How IS My Name Pronounced??

So, y'all think my name is pronounced


..huh? ;)

..well, the majority of you were..

correct! :o)

But approximately 22% of ya were, unfortunately, a little bit off. ;) No hard feelings, friends. I know my name is a chore to figure out. ;)


-Update coming soon on where I was all weekend! Plus, something unusual and fun that has been in the works around here for awhile..stay tuned!-


  1. So I guessed correct! You have such a lovely name! I like the meaning of it, too.

  2. I guessed right! Well, I have a poll on MY blog for my name; come and try that one out! :P

  3. I was pretty sure it was LOO-SEE-UH and so I voted that. :)


  4. Ugg... we didn't vote and we've been calling you Loocilia. And we've met you- go figure! :)


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