Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Still Alive {I Think}!

Well, I'm still here. Flesh and bones, alive and breathing. As much as I would enjoy being in Heaven right now, I am pleased with the present circumstances, though saddened and moved for the countless people who believed Mr. Harold Camping, and spent every penny. Gave up their jobs, homes, educations.

Have lost a grip on their faith because of this tragic lie.

Most of all, I feel for Mr. Camping himself. This wasn't a hoax he was trying to make others believe, he truly believed it. He is bewildered, and probably terrified. Also, he is not man enough to admit his mistake, and is now hiding out with all the blinds drawn and the doors locked, unable to face the mocking, weeping world that he has so impacted.

Poor Mr. Camping. Oh, Lord, reach him. Show him at last who you truly are--not One to be calculated, or played with, but One of mercy, forgiveness, and understanding of our human errors. ♥
..On the bright side, at 6:00 p.m. last night the world was still here, and I was on my way to the Count of Monte Cristo Ball. Many good things happened there, which I will post about {with pictures!} when the time is found. Many good people were met, as well, including the dear Miss Anna, Miss Michaela, Miss Eyebright, and Miss Hadley. ♥ More on that, upon a future date.

Also on the bright side, to my immense delight, I found that I was nominated to recieve the:

..if it were up to me, I would certainly not be "Blogger of the Month," but as it is I am secretly very thrilled. It is the first such award I have recieved, and I am full of thankfulness for the fact that my little blog has been a blessing to even one person out there...this is my ultimate goal. ♥

Thank you, Mary, for this sweet award~~ladies, visit her tremendously cute blog while you're at it. You won't be sorry! :)

I know this post should be all about the ball, but I simply have limited time at the moment, and wanted to cover these little topics first. I will be back, the meanwhile, have a blessed Sunday evening.

Fanny Crosby and Paul the Apostle will have to wait, but thank you LORD, I don't have to wait to be with Jesus. ;) ♥


  1. It was my pleasure, Lucia :). And as I read your post I kept thinking, "This makes her even more worthy of the award!"
    God Bless!

  2. Lucia!

    Oh goodness, yes! -the Count of Monte Cristo Ball *was* wonderful and I am soooo happy that I got to meet you! (and that we got to do some swing dancing together ;) It was certainly quite the night and I just wish it could have been longer! hehe...And now I actually know the answer to the poll on your sidebar. ;)

    And congratulations on your blogger of the month award! Your blog is so encouraging and lots of fun! And its even more fun now that I know you in person! :)


  3. Hadley, Dear! <3

    YES, it was an amazing time, and I am so sad that I didn't really meet you until later, :( so we only got a few dances together! :( Hehe, pardon me for being so silly on that last dance..I really don't know what got into me! ;) Anyways..if you get this comment, will you e-mail me using my contact button? I think that I have your address, if YOU are the Hadley that entered my photo contest, but I am not sure..also, if you get this comment, do you know what's really funny?? Well..I guess I'll tell you if you e-mail me. :)




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