Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Checklist Has Never Been So Thrilling..♥

this week holds much for little miss lucia. hence the writing without CAPS. i think better without CAPS. weird.


..yes, your blogging friend has more to her life than blogging, surprise, surprise! ;) though this is the first time i have ever, ever posted twice in one day {i think}. but the fact is, i type fast, so blogging only takes up about ten minutes of my day, even if it's a megga post. :) okay, 20 mins. for megga posts. but onwards, lucia, onwards..the subject has still not been reached.

i tend to ramble when i get galvanized.


To shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action.

..heehee. it's new word? :) there. you learned something.

anyways, with me and my extreme galvanization, i decided the only thing to do was to let you all in on my plans for this weekend. my wonderfully, astoundingly, supercalifragileisticexpialidocious (not a new word, unfortunately..:) checklist of not-so-hard-things "to do:"


"to do" this weekend:

o rejoice with fellow American Idol fans that wholesome country christian singers scotty and lauren are at the top, and goin' strong!! ♥ who says trashy glamour always wins?

o complete the light, minty-green, swishy long sash for my regency dress  

o take photos of the finished product for your eyes, and your eyes alone ;)

 o finish my third quarter of school work
{okay, not so fun part of the list, but i had to put it in there..}

o have a steak and hamburgers dinner with the W. family friday night when my parents leave on their 25th anniversary trip ♥

o have our dear friend christina over at 2 o'clock on saturday to do curly regency buns for the ball

o meet at our dear friend nicole's house for "bound-for-the-ball" car pooling

o meet anna and michaela at long last; spend time with other sweet friends ♥

o dance the night away at the count of monte cristo ball

o fall into bed sleepily much later--christina spending the night!

o attend christina's church 

o blog about the whole weekend ;) 


♥ ::..did i mention that i am slightly galvanized? you should be able to tell from all of the little guys all over that look suspiciously like hearts...:: ♥


  1. Wow, I had never heard nor read of "galvanized" being used in that way, but once you gave the definition, it made sense. : ) Sounds like a grand weekend indeed. Thanks for the sneak peak! Have fun! :)

  2. Oh, it sounds like you've got a fun weekend ahead, Lucia!

    Blogging only takes you 10-20 minutes? I wish I was that fast. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who reads over everything slowly and carefully, trying to avoid grammatical errors, and edits pictures a million different ways until I find my favorite said edit, etc. Sad case. :P So yes, your swift blogging skills are quite impressive. ;)

    Haha... anyway, have a *wonderful* weekend!

    ~ Love,

    P.S. - Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! <3

  3. Wow! You have plenty to do this week. And you'll get to attend a ball! How lovely. And in a regency dress, too! I am so envious. (Just kidding, of course.)

    Another wow! You can blog in ten minutes? Tell me how you do it. It takes me a rather long time to blog--not because I can't type fast but because I can't think fast enough. My ideas get stuck halfway.

  4. Oh so much busy fun! Tons of pictures, deary, loads of'em!

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend, my dear! The regancy ball--and your gown--sounds way lovely! Definitely take lots of pictures;)

    And I have to agree with Lindsay: blog posts always take me muchmuch longer than 10 minutes. Not that I don't type fast, but I'm always re-reading, and spend way too much time picking out pictures and uploading them. Ack!


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