Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Of Shadows & Silhouettes" Photo Contest Finalists!

It is the big day at long last! After sifting through many, many entries of equal splendor, Raquel and I are pleased to announce that with much thought, pondering, and hesitance, we have decided on ten photos that are our "Of Shadows and Slihouettes" photo contest finalists. Thank you all for your participation these last two weeks...it has been amazing to witness how many creative and talented photographers there are out in the blogging world!

..These photos are in no particular order; just randomly uploaded. First through fifth places will be chosen later this week out of this selection. We will keep you posted! Also, I am so sorry about the "black bar" on some of these...something went haywire with the uploading! :I Not on the originals, I promise..;)

from Gabrielle
I just love this. Birds make absolutley lovely silhouettes, but it is sometimes hard to capture them! The frame of leaves around the subject makes it even more eye-popping.

from Nichole
When Raquel and I laid eyes upon this one, we literally shrieked! Not only is the subject absolutley *the* cutest thing ever, but the way the sun is coming between their heads is absolutley breathtaking. Plus, the bokeh behind the couple makes them stand out even more.

from Katelyn
This is just one of those pictures that makes you smile. :] I love the dustyness, the lighting, the contrast--everything. Great job, Katelyn!

from Polka Dot
This one is pretty much just adorable. <3 I love the alley idea, and the positioning, plus the stark contrast effects. Not to mention the tenderness that is portrayed. :)

from Jenna
I don't know how she got so close to this seagull! Amazing shot, Jenna. The bokeh is just right, and there is just enough contrast to make it a silhouette, but still solid. I love the coloring, too!

from Alexandra
This is so cute. I love how she captured a bit of the bike, but also gave us the whole shadow. Perfect angling, and I like the yellowy-vintage-looking tints she used!

from Monica
This is just spectacular. It looks so..haunting, yet beautiful. I have never seen a scene like this apart from movies, so this is just awesome! I love how the moon is framed by the branches, and how perfect the angling is. Wonderful capture, Monica. :]

from Hadley
..Can you guess why I liked this one? Just kidding. ;) Yes, this subject is adorable, but I mainly like how it looks exactly like the child, but in shadow form. Only the shadow is captured! I like the coloring too--and the backdrop which the shadow is cast upon. Just lovely, Hadley!

from Tallulah
This is so uniquely amazing. Love the wispy-ness, the blended silhouette, the colors..breathtaking!

from Susanna L.
LOVE these amazing colors!


..and that about sums it up! Congratulations to our finalists, and thank you once again for all of the entries we recieved. This has been too much fun! Check back this week for winners. :]



    #2 from Nichole, #4 from Susannah, #9 from Tallulah and #7 from Monica are works of ART!!

  2. Congradulations to all the finalists!!! They all did super neat jobs! :) I am all so very excited that my dear sweet friend Monica whose picture is #7 is one of the finalists!!! :D

  3. Those photos are just great! Congratulations to the finalists!

  4. LOVE these! Number two would have to be my favorite, but they're all just stunning! <3

  5. All of the pictures are so pretty....Congrats to all of the finalists! :)


  6. These are all so breath taking!
    So happy to be a finalist!

  7. What an honor it is to be a finalist! Thank you so much! :)

    Many Blessings,

  8. They are all so beautiful. Can't wait to see who will when.

  9. gorgeous pics

    check out my newest silly post !



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