Friday, January 21, 2011

~2010 Favorite "Cute" Movies!~

I totally saw more movies this year than I have for a long time. Including
 two 3D theatre movies! I mean, I had only been to a theatre *once* before that, so, this was a pretty big deal! Here are three of my favorite 2010 movies..

~2010 Favorite "Cute" Movies~

..Okay, this movie was seriously one of the cutest animated films I've seen. And in 3D??! Breathtaking. Gorgeous coloring, detail--and that's just talking about the animation. The story was adorable, and the whole film was touching and hilarious at the same time. Definitly a chick-flick, though...not a movie that I'd reccomend dragging your brothers into! ;) Also, Princess Rapunzel wears a rather lowish top most of the time, so~~yeah..a girl movie.


Some of My Favorite Details About the Movie {watch for these, if you see it!}:

1. Her hair when the little girls braid it up with flowers...GORGEOUS! I know, I's animated..still! :D

2. The horse~~the cutest little {ahem, BIG} guy ever! I loved him from the beginning..

3. The "frying pan" thing..haha! If you see this, you'll know what I'm talking about. :D

4. The lanterns..again, in 3D, the "lantern part" is AMAZING! Look for it. :)

5. The..little lizard thing. Super cute, haha! :)

~Love that hair!~

And....can you guess what next? ;)

I really, really liked this movie. Wayy better than Prince Caspian..and, okay, JUST to warn you f you haven't seen it yet--they do add a lot. But. I like how they change it, actually! I won't be a spoiler, so, you'll just have to wait and see what they did. :D

Things I Loved {And Hated}:

1. LOVE: Lucy's hair. It's super pretty! And I can't believe she wants to change her looks...:(

2. HATE: Eustace's voice. It is seriously piggish! Eww..and his nose. And his whole self. Hehe...

3. LOVE: How Edmund has changed since the first time he came to Narnia... :) He was pretty awesome in this movie!

4. LOVE: How Caspian suddenly has a British accent, instead of a Spanish one...hmm. Who else noticed?

~And I actually really love Lucy's outfit...I think it's pretty!~

This was adorable. :) All I can say! It's about a little boy who moves in next door to a little girl. The little girl looks at him and automatically knows that he is going to be hers someday. :) Heehee...pretty funny! So, they grow up, have to wait and see! ;) The only problem I had with it was that the girl and guy actually don't completely grow up before things start to happen...they are in, like, 7th grade the whole time. Which I don't exactly approve of...but, it was still good. :)

~They look wayyy older than 7th grade, in my opinion...~

Have you seen any of these movies?? If so, what was your opinion of them? Or, what were some of your favorite 2010 "cutest movies?"



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  1. I've never heard of the third movie... We'll have to rent it when it comes out. :)

    We saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader a little while ago. Loved it!

    I get to see Tangled tomorrow! Eep! Can't wait! I think it's funny you mentioned brother went to see it with his friends a while back! Haha! ;)


  2. I'm going to watch tangled when in comes out on DVD...
    And I did like the Dawn Treader a lot!! I did notice the accent change, and it would have been fine if he'd always had that accent... but I thought it was strange that it changed from the previous movie. And I thought Eustace's actor was great - I thought he was very much like I imagined him from the books, and a perfect little brat :). And Edmund was really cool in this movie. :)
    So... there's my Dawn Treader opinion :).


  3. I love the movie Flipped!!!! It is sooo good :) I didn't see the other two but I will hopefully see them in the future :) love you!!!

  4. I have seen "Tangled" and "Voyage of the Dawn Treader," and enjoyed them both. I will have to check out "Flipped" when I have a chance.
    I can't say I have seen any movies this year that would top my "favorites" list, but I do have a new favorite television series - BBC-produced "Lark Rise to Candleford." I have enjoyed it very much and fallen in love with many of the hilarious and heartwarming characters. There are a couple of things I might change, but otherwise I heartily recommend it. :)

  5. I loved the Narnia 3 movie! And I really want to see tangled...
    I tagged you at my blog!

  6. haha, I loved tangled. And I loved her hair. I want some of it for a necklace or bracelet or something. Wonder of wonders, my 11-year-old and 12-year-old brothers loved it, and it's my five-year-old brother's new favorite movie! With the most adultish expression on his face, he pursed his mouth and said, "That was waay better than Iron Man, don't you think Rosey?" My brothers rock.

    And I really enjoyed VODT. Very good. And Douglas Gresham was actually the guy who changed Caspian's accent...he wanted it to be more like Lewis intended. Go him.

    Love your blog Lucia. :)

  7. I WANT to see Tangled... <3 but I doubt I ever will. =(

  8. I have seen all three and all where amazingly wonderful! ;)


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