Sunday, January 16, 2011

Willkommen Januar!

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Meine Freunde,

..Which, in case you are in puzzlement, means "My Friends" in German. :) I thought I would take a "unique twist" on the greeting this time around. Wunderbar, nein? ;)

..I am quite ready for Spring to come again, aren't you? It seems as though I haven't seen a flower in bloom for hundreds of years. It is this point in the season that makes me wonder how the Narnians ever stood their hundred years of winter..*shivers* ;)

I am excited to see so many new faces popping up at the top of this blog! :D My hope and prayer is that you are blessed even a smidgen by something here in the days or {yes?} years to come! Because so many of you are new to my little blog, I want to tell you all a few random facts about myself. Sound good? Let me know if we have anything in common! *wink*

~ I don't use all of my fingers when I type, but nevertheless I type very quickly if not in the proper fashion. ;)

~ I always wanted to be a ballerina, and in fact my older sister took lessons. Unfortunatley, the studio moved too far away for her to continue; thus my deprived state. :)

~ I used to have white-blonde hair, but it has now darkened to a rather light brown, with severl blonde "highlights" framing my face. I have been asked dozens of times, "Where do you get your hair streaked?" Haha!

~ I have never seen an episode of "I Love Lucy." :)

~ My name, Lucia, means "Giver of Light."

~ I have a strong dislike for mushrooms, anchovies, and artichokes. :P Bleh!

~ I love writing poetry. I wrote over fifty poems when I was seven years old! I have slowed down a bit...hehe.

~ I have a pet peeve for poor writing. When I read something that doesn't flow/uses incorrect grammar/spelling, etc., it drives me crazy!

~I tend to over-compliment people on things. Especially on things {like stories, poems, pictures, etc.} that aren't exactly..good. I tell them that it's "wonderful!" when it's not...:) Hmm. I always feel bad.

~ Every time I post, I just *have* to click the "view post" button to see my changes...

~ I never truly got Algebra. Just enough to get me through life...:P

..There. I hope you enjoyed some of those very random facts! Do me a favor: let me know *one* random fact about yourself in a comment to this post. I'd love to know anything about you!


  1. I have a strong distaste for Anchovies too...I don't use all 10 fingers either, But I get the job done!....I don't write poetry, I BREATH poetry!!....If you want to get me to stop reading your blog write this with 'Are' as 'r' and you as 'u' and...well, I could go on, and on, and on, and, well, you get the point!

    I'm new, and I will certainly be staying!

  2. I also don't type correctly, but I type faster and with less errors then some of the real typists in my house hold.=)
    Hmm, another random fact..... I can peel a banana with my toes, is that random enough? hehe

  3. Hello Lucia! Just want to tell you, I love reading your blog. I think it's my favorite! It would be a treat to meet you in real life, you're such a sweet, honest person. I especially like the pictures you post of your outfits. What an encouragement to see other young girls dressing modestly and femininely, yet modern enough to fit in to this time period! You give me great ideas!

    Some random facts about me, ummm. . . I talk to myself all the time (at least when I think no one is around to hear :). I am always writing notes about anything that pops in my mind that I don't want to forget. (I have a terrible short term memory). And all my friends are long distance, so I spend a lot of time typing emails! (I do type the regular way, with all ten fingers. I guess since I play piano, I'm used to using them all!)

  4. One random fact about me is that I day dream (or would it be night dream?) every night before I fall asleep! :)

  5. Ach wissen Sie Deutsch? I got excited when I saw the title! I knew exactly what it meant! One random fact about me is I'm learning how to speak German this year <3

  6. Lucia, your post made me smile, probably because your sunshiney personality shines through. :)
    Ah, yes, like a couple of your other commenters, I also do not use all 10 fingers when I type. I use about 3-4 and I have said that someday those few will be shorter than the other fingers.
    Probably my biggest pet peeve is typos - I get a little nuts when I see 'em. I can partially blame that on working for the newspaper.
    One random fact about me? I can only wink with my right eye.
    Oh, and one more - I fear water, but live on an island. :)

  7. I saw the title of the post and scrolled down in google reader and suddenly I stopped and thought "Wait a minute...this was a German title..." :D Haha, I always love it when I come across German words on English pages.
    Do you speak German? Or do you just know some words?
    My mother tongue is German, that's why I'm asking.

    And I dislike mushrooms as well ;)

  8. Hi Lucia!

    I'm a new reader of your BEAUTIFUL blog. I'm certainly enjoying my time on here! :)

    A few random things about myself...
    I love zebra-striped purses, I share a room with my 4 sisters, I think vintage Mickey is super cute and I love pictures! LOL! :)

  9. Hi Lu! Goodness, I need to enter your giveaway, don't I? Off to work on that after I leave this comment...

    Hahaha, I always have to check my new posts as well! ;-) Never a bad idea, since sometimes I check typos otherwise missed, or see that a picture posted funny.

    Let's see...a random thing...I'm teaching myself to write with my left hand.

    Love your blog header, dearie! And I love you too. <3

    Love and blessings,

  10. I never was one for algebra, mushrooms, or anchovies either, friend. :)

  11. I do type with ten fingers - though I never really was taught how, it just gradually came after emailing and story writing for a few years. Wish I could type faster, though.
    Something random? Ummm... I have a dreadful fear of dentists and orthodontists. And I'm constantly thinking of stories, but sadly don't have time to type them all.


  12. Wow, we are a lot alike! :) Hehe guess what? My hair has always been brown, but (especially in the past few years), in the summer, it gets MAJOR blonde streaks! :) People think I got highlights! ;) Also, I don't like anchovies or artichokes. BLUK. I used to say that I hated mushrooms, but then my mom started getting cremini (spelling?) mushrooms from the organic co-op where we get our veggies and stuff, and then she sauteed them with garlic and onions and herbs... YUM. I can no longer say that I don't like mushrooms. =D I'm just very particular about which ones I like. =D About the grammar thing... ME. TOO. It drives me crazy! ;)


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