Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~An Important Post for Those Who Love..


..You won't want to miss any of these lovely blogs, nor will you want to miss the fabulous prizes they're giving away (the links will bring you straight to the giveaway posts):

The Erratic Muse's "AMAZING GIVEAWAY:" A beautiful Christian cross necklace with the words "hold fast" hand-stamped upon it.

Forever Feminine's huge "SHABBY CHIC GIVEAWAY:" 12 items of equal loveliness! You'll just have to head over there to see...I'm not giving any hints! ;)

Spinning Barefoot's "WINTER WONDERLAND GIVEAWAY:" an *adorable* and simply gorgeous handmade Turquoise Rhinestone Flowered headband! Divine...donated by TutaBellaBoutique. :)

Confessions of a Flibbertigibbit's giveaway: a sweet crocheted purse...absolutley LOVELY! A must for feminine fashion freaks...;) Like me!

Y/A Cuz We Write's awesome giveaway..books, a gift card, and more!


~ ...I may discover more later, so check back to this post! ~



  1. Thanks for sharing! I need to enter yours -- which reminds me, I have a giveaway of my own going on at my blog. Care to enter?

  2. Thanks Kendra! I'll check it out as soon as I find the time. :) How fun!


    P.S. (Thanks for entering MY giveaway, dear! How nice.) :)


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