Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vintage + Whimsy Font = Blogger Happiness

..My *new* design {you know, the one I told you about three months ago??} is nearly here. Dear Miss Ara, the designer-genious who so graciously allowed me to win such a prize, is epic. Truly. I cannot wait to suprise you with the cuteness of my little spot's new look..but, you shall have to wait a few more days..;)

In the meantime, I have discovered:

1. Whimsical New Font

..Notice anything different about my "handwriting?" ;)

 Don't you just adore this new font? Blogger in Draft recently added TONS of new, wonderful fonts to their collection...I was tired of the same old stuff, weren't you? After much deciding, I went with this one. Expect frequent changes, though! :D 

2. Vintage Dresses

{Love, love, love...I'd want mine more modesty-focused, but...ooh, la la! Divinity!}

{This is also up my alley...I can just feel the *SWISH!*}

{Is this dreamy, or what?!}

{Again, modesty issues, but...*Sigh*}

{What girl wouldn't die for a--somewhat modified--wedding dress like THIS?!}

{Wild, but still adorably vintage..}

{Heavenly, feminine, creamy..}

{Strapless-ness: UN-LOVE. Lacey-ness: LOVE.}

{Autumn paradise? Oh yeah...a little longer, though!}

{Definitly vinatge...<3}

{Purty white..}

{Lovin' the polka dots!}

{A few modesty issues, but...L.O.V.E!}

{Original '50s swing dress? *drool*}

Much Love,


  1. Those are adorable!!! I love vintage dresses...There so expensive though :)
    Love ya'..

  2. Oh my goodness, the dresses in the fourth picture!!! I want those!!

  3. And why did I view this post..because now I'm so envious of those stunning vintage dresses! Vintage dresses are a *slight* addiction of mine....'nuff said! :P

    ~Lulu Maggie~

  4. Oh man I'm having some serious coveting issues... those dresses are to die for!! =] I adore the wedding dress with the lady in the chair. "Creamy" is the perfect word for it. ;)
    I'm trying to find a modest and inexpensive prom dress... yeah, it's not going so well. ;) I'm pretty sure the words "modest" and "inexpensive" are enemies.

  5. Oh wow! Those are simply beautiful dresses! I would do anything to own one. ;D But of course I agree that some would need "repaired" for modesty.

    LOVE THEM!!<3

    Btw, I simply love your new "Handwriting"--simply gorgeous! Makes me want to do something to mine... ;)

    Have a beautiful night! <3

  6. Vintage and pretty fonts both make me so giddy!

    Those dresses are ALL so great...I really don't know which I like the best!

  7. i can't see the new font that you have set

  8. Beautiful! And I ADORE your new font. :)

  9. Oh man!! That second wedding dress is simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! So pretty!
    God bless!

  10. Ooh, I just love the wedding dress! :)


  11. Those are so cute! I love the first wedding dress picture, I would definatly where that on my wedding! :)


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