Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Smörgåsbord: Because that's What Being Swedish is all About!

...A few weeks ago, "the girls" of the family (my mom, two sisters and I) went to visit our cousins. The special event? Their 25th wedding anniversary (yay for them)! It was a fun time--since we traveled about three hours to get to their home, we stayed the night after the party, too.

The day was filled with driving (and all that goes with driving=), and so by the time we got there we were, understandably, quite hungry! Much to our approval, a traditional Smörgåsbord was there spread out before us on a linen table.

Smörgåsbord is a Swedish word. It means, basically, a LARGE variety of foods/finger foods. Since *all* of my relatives are either Swedish (on my mom’s side), or Norwegian (on my dad’s side), we children are *full* Scandinavian and must expect a Smörgåsbord or two in our lifetime. =) There are good things in a Smörgåsbord, and…interesting things (like cod and raw fish and fish eggs and the like--bleh! I guess I'm not a TRUE Scandinavian, lol), but all in all, it is quite tasty and pretty.

~A "cake" (this is the bottom of it, though) that is the traditional Swedish Wedding Cake~

...I was quite full near the end! ;)

May He bless you today, and always!
~Miss Lucia~


  1. Hmm, I have never heard of that before, but I am Irish, so yeah. :) The fod looks AMAZING! Now I am hungry and I just ate supper a couple hours ago.



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