Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Piano Recital

"The Piano Recital" by Vittorio Reggianini

...My first piano recital with my new teacher, Mrs. Kathleen W, is coming up! I have been playing the piano for nearly seven years, now, and have had three teachers during that time. I have been playing with Mrs. W. for almost seven months, and am excited to be in a recital! Between Mrs. W. and my teacher before her, Mrs. D, I hadn't had piano lessons for more than a year! So I was happy to have found a teacher at long last. =) Mrs. W. is an EXCELLENT pianist and teacher--I am learning alot from her, as she has been playing for over fifty years. :)

Here are the songs I am playing (you'll have to go down to the other playlist at the bottom of the blog's sidebar and hit 'pause' to listen):


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  1. Hello dear! :) I awarded you! :) (on our girls' blog!)

  2. Beautiful piano pieces! I especially like the second one- I had never heard it before- SO pretty! Please let us know how the recital goes!
    Love you, dear!


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