Monday, June 7, 2010

Twenty Four Years Together!

Twenty-four years ago, today, my daddy and mama 'tied the knot' :) and were wed! Those years, before and since we came along, have been filled with love, devotion, and care that we children see in their attitudes towards us and eachother.

Dad and Mom met at church about 26 years ago. After a year or so long courtship, they married and moved to Mulheim, Germany where Dad was writing a good friend of his life's story, who was dying of cancer. After his friend's death, they moved back to the states and rented a small home in a rural area, where my oldest sister, Olivia, was born. Two more children came along while my parents were saving for a house of their own, myself, and my brother Mark, and finally Annie was born in the new house. =)

 <3 Here are a few words summing up their relationship and what they are to us:

T rue to eachother

W ise

E lligable =)

N ever apart

T ogether always

Y ears of loyalty 

F orever love

O ur parents =)

U nderstanding

R ightful pair

...Thank you, Dad and Mom, for your choice to homeschool and raise us in a godly home! We love you!



  1. Beautiful job, Luci!!! :) I loved it! :)
    Our parents will have been married for 24 years this year! :)


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