Friday, July 2, 2010

And the Days Fly By!

*Yawn* My, it has been a little while since I’ve REALLY written about our daily activities, hasn’t it? =) I suppose you are wondering about the yawn, anyhow. So, I will tell you (*hint: it has something to do with our day-by-day living as of late…*).

We have been picking strawberries at the L.’s house/farm for three days, now. The first day it was from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00, yesterday it was 7:00--12:00, and today it was again 8:00--12:00. =) It is hard work, but we get $5 for every crate we pick--I have a total of $90 for all three days, so far! Now, we have finished the week’s picking, and are starting again on Monday. The first day was sunny, yesterday was partly cloudy, and today was cloudy, then…POUR! I got soaked, and muddy from kneeling for four hours in the fields, but it was fun (hard) work! Now every time I close my eyes I see strawberries….=D After today’s work, Liv and I jumped on the wet trampoline in our soaked clothing as it poured down upon us--tons of fun!--while the boys had a “sword-fight “ thing…I don’t know. =) But I am going to bring my camera, hopefully, next time, so I can get some shots of the strawberries and pickers!

Olivia and I are still trying to finish up our schoolwork--and it’s already July! =( I can’t wait to be done…there’s just *so* much to do. I just have a few more Science labs and English papers to type up, and then I’m through. Whew! *dances around* =)

…What are everyone’s plans for the Fourth of July?? On Sunday, after church, we are having our cousins over to go kayaking in the bay with us. Yay! That’s a lot of fun always…and then, we are having two large families as well as them for a meal, and fireworks in the driveway.

Monday, we are going *rafting!!* I have never gone before--it’s with some home school friends of our’s, and a little ways away. Has anyone here ever been rafting? What was it like? I’m hoping it’s going to be hot!

Also, I have been awarded again! Yay--from dear Miss Laura, my pen-pal. =) Thank you, dear! It is the:

..Isn't it delightful? =D I feel so touched. Hmmm...and I believe I shall award this to:

Miss Lynnae @ Randomness by Lynnae
Miss Tarissa @ In the Bookcase

...Enjoy, ladies!!

...So, that pretty much wraps it up for now. Thank you all for voting on the polls for "Thrifty and Chic;" I'm looking forward to posting the "winners" soon--but keep voting and spreading the word!

Blessings, Ya'll!
~Miss Lucia~

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  1. Thanks, Lucia. I love your blog!!! The pictures on your photography site are amazing. I miss you and hope you can come over soon.


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