Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tis the Season for...Popsicles!

*...Comes in panting and sits down.* Ahhhhh.

...Two words: Hot. Sunburn. =)

It was at least 85 degrees today--purty warm for where I live (though maybe not for some of you Arizonians or Texans..:)! I sat out in one of our kayaks in my grandma's pond (just next door) today, doing my schoolwork. Boy did I get a little color...browned, and red, I'm sorry to say. =P Yes, I put on sun-tan lotion, and yes, I was wearing short sleeves. =D ..But it doesn't hurt THAT much, thankfully!

Anyways, much as I enjoyed all the fashion shows, I am glad to get back to 'normal' posts, what about you? ;) And THANK YOU to all the young ladies who voted for me over at Samantha's blog. I am touched, and excited to announce that I either tied for second or got third (it's sort of mixed up at the moment, so I don't know..)! It was so much fun, and I am looking forward to the "voting session" here, tomorrow (which I won't be included in, of course), for "Thrifty & Chic." :)

So. What have I to relate?? Well, I am still doing at VBS just ended yesterday...I am behind on writing to my dear pen-pals...strawberry picking starts next is tomorrow...yep! My mom is currently at a Homeschool Curriculum Sale, and I helped get all of our stuff ready with the tags/prices/formalities, etc. That took a *good* part of the day on...Thursday. The sale started yesterday, and ends this evening. It's also a conference, and has sessions and speakers, too.

But--yes! I am so excited that Summer is finally peeking out from its shy little corner. At last, the sun! And (as I mentioned in my title)...POPSICLES!! *reaches for a cool blue* ICE WATER!! WATER BALLOONS!!

As you can see, I am thoroughly excited. :)

Blessings as it grows warmer--remember your sun screen or risk looking like a raspberry!

~Miss Lucia~


  1. 85 degrees! I would kill to have that kind of weather!!! (not seriously) I'll trade you for 105 degree temp. Sound fair?

  2. Hey Luci!!!

    We just ended our last day of VBA too! It was SO much fun! I was able to help in crafts this year, which was SO much fun, especially since the girls I worked with were super nice!!! :)

    Love you!

  3. What a fun post, dear! It sounds a lot like what we've been doing- we just finished up helping with VBA yesterday, and I'm behind on letters :), and we plan to go strawberry picking next week! Today was Leah's birthday, so that was fun! :) I worked on cleaning out our very messy cupboards. :)
    Thanks for posting! Such fun to read! Love you, dear!!! <3


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