Friday, June 4, 2010

The Events of my Life Layed Before You.

…You know, just when I thought it was going to be sunny and *officially* JUNE, the skies decided to close their grey doors again and cry on us. =( Hmmph. I’m ashamed to say that recently I have been too (dare I say it?) lazy to put on a sweatshirt, so I’ve just been going around in my pink wittle blankie. Awww…not. =D But it is very cozy and warm!


Anyways, there’s been a slight change of events around here, for the weekend. =( Mom and Dad decided that they wanted us to just stay here and “hold the fort,” as we have more animals than last year and it would be a hassle for the C. Family to drive down the ‘mountain’ =) every morning for us to take care of baby chicks, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, dog, cats, and the like. So, we are rather disappointed, but then again we are still alive, aren’t we? *muffled sniffle*

Okay, and this is slightly weird of me to be announcing this all the time, but I just feel so *touched* that I have to “personally” thank my new follower, Miss Charity! I am utterly indebted to you, my dear (in other words, much thanks!). =) Gahh! And do you know what I just realized?? Today is FRONT PORCH FRIDAY!!! Woopsies. Hehehehe…well, is this “encouraging enough” for you? Oh well--maybe I’ll take a break from it today, but if you simply CANNOT live without it (*winks*), you can scroll down to previous posts under that label. Or riot in the streets.

Miss Lucia


  1. Oh, I'm sorry that you couldn't go to the C's house. :( I hope you are able to sometime soon!
    Love you!

  2. I walk around with a big fuzzy pink blanket even though it's summer, lol.

    I'm sorry you can't go on the trip. :(

    Many blessings,


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