Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend...

...I want to thank ALL of you who have so far entered my "Pro-Life Giveaway," and have followed my blog. I was greatly surprised to come back from my weekend trip and see so many new entries, and new followers! Blessings and much thanks to:

Miss Gwyn
Miss Jenna
Miss Laura
Miss Maggie
and Miss Sami

...For those of you who have not yet entered, please do so quickly--you still have until June 11th! The details are in the post below this one, or click on the "advertisement" for it which is at the top of my sidebar. =) I am looking forward to drawing and seeing who wins!

Anyways, as I said eariler, this weekend, I was gone with my family and some of our good friends at a camp called "Lake Retreat." We didn't go for the camp part--that's in the summer, but it is a yearly tradition for us to go with the C. Family to a program called "Helping Hands," at the camp. It is always Memorial Day weekend, and you go on Friday, work all day Saturday, get a free-time day Sunday (as well as have church on the campus), and then work Monday. In exchange for that, you get meals and cabins (for a small fee, too). So, that's what we did, and have been doing, for the past five years! =)

Unfortunatley it was rainy all weekend, and on Saturday we chopped, hacked, heaved, and pulled at a HUGE hillside of blackberry bushes, trees, and ivy plants--and withing seven hours, cleared it all out! It was terribly hard work, but fun. =)

Then Sunday, we went to the chapel there, and heard a sermon, then since it was raining HARD at the time, my sister Olivia and our two friends went and watched some "Andy Griffith" shows in our cabin. =) Then it was lunch, and the rain stopped for a little while so we went kayaking in the lake. After that, we rook a walk around the lake, then played some games in the dining hall and outside until dinner--a yummy, *fancy* family banquet with a speaker and all.

~In a paddle boat!~

~Matthew C. having fun in the Kayak!~

Monday was a half-day--and we succeeded in getting jobs indoors this time. =) Us girls and our moms cleaned the windows and floors and everything of a big meeting room, then cleaned bathrooms, then the four girls went and cleaned out all of the cabins which had just been emptied. We vacuumed, mopped, polished, dusted, sprayed, and wiped until all was finished and it was time for lunch. The food there is SO good--though there is always alot of it! All in all, it was a FUN weekend. =)  


  1. Wonderful blog! There is just something about your blog that brings a smile to my face... Thanks! :)

  2. Hey there. I just found your blog. Your button caught my attention because it was an illustration from a book I read when I was like 11. Hehe.


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