Tuesday, May 31, 2011

According to John Wayne..♥

"He's gotta be a man,
 before he can be a gentleman."

~John Wayne, Mclintock

Monday, May 30, 2011

So, How IS My Name Pronounced??

So, y'all think my name is pronounced


..huh? ;)

..well, the majority of you were..

correct! :o)

But approximately 22% of ya were, unfortunately, a little bit off. ;) No hard feelings, friends. I know my name is a chore to figure out. ;)


-Update coming soon on where I was all weekend! Plus, something unusual and fun that has been in the works around here for awhile..stay tuned!-

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Of Shadows & Silhouettes:" WINNERS!!

After examining each finalist's photo carefully, wanting each one to win, and sweating over this h-a-r-d desicion...

 Raquel and I have finally decided on our five winners for the "Shadows and Silhouettes" photo contest.


1st place goes to...


2nd place goes to...


3rd place goes to...

Polka Dot

4th place goes to...


5th place goes to...



..Congratulations, ladies! Please send me an e-mail at:

..so that I can get your info to your prizes' sponsors {and let you know which prize you have won!}. ;)

Thank you, one and all, for your participation. Your entries were all spectacular! Also, thank you to Raquel for making my first co-hosted contest exceedingly enjoyable. Love ya, dear! <3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Grande Ball~

"Let us read and let us dance -
two amusements that will never do any harm to the world."
- Voltaire

..Before I proceed any further in this post, let me forwarn you: horrible picture quality, and few photos. Unfortunatley, our "good" camera had to break the week before the ball; thus, we were left with one that doesn't focus unless the flash is used. Also, there was simply no time for pictures...only dancing. ;) The night was far too short, and I barely had time to talk at all with those who I had been wanting to see! :/ Nevertheless, it was still a grand time, and I will treasure these memories always.


The Count of Monte Cristo Ball was heavenly, as expected. ;)

..We began to "get ready" around 2:00 p.m. Our friend Christina, who was also attending, came by, and we all did our hair/got dressed.

{The finished dress, at last!}

..Can you believe that this ^^ is the best I could do??! Just one sentence: short on time. I promise better quality pictures of my dress at a later date, but for now, this will have to do. It was 12:30 a.m., we had just gotten home, no one was around..ugg. I hate resorting to self-taken photos, but it was a must. :] But, yes, that is the dress. I decided on a mint green sash..it was all flowy and nice, just the way I like a sash to be. Ooh..please don't laugh at this next picture's EXTREMELY awful picture quality. *Told* you the camera doesn't focus..

{My regency bun}

..It looked better in real life. I promise. o.O


We met at the C.'s house for carpooling, which was also where Michaela and Anna were staying. :] It was delightful to at last meet them, and have at least an hour in the car to talk/get to know them a little more. Sadly, we got a little lost on the roads and missed a part of the ball, but it was still fun going through pretty countryside and hearing the two sisters serenade us with "Les Miserables" ballades. ;)

{The Grande Ballroom}

..Just a little {*ahem*..fuzzy..} glimpse of the ballroom--I shot this quickly when we first arrived. Isn't it prettily decorated? I just love the pillars! <3

{Taniel and I}

A sweet friend, "Miss Eyebright" (Taniel), met for a few moments...she and her family didn't attend the ball, but stopped by to say "hello!" I wish we could've talked longer! :(

{Olivia, me, Shelbe}

{Michaela, me, Anna, and Olivia}

..The dance, in itself, was wonderful. I never realized how very much I enjoyed dancing, until we began to attend these balls! Especially the last one, which was Irish--entitled, "Marie's Wedding." It was so bouncy, and happy, and....delicious! ;)


I also met another young lady, Miss Hadley, whom I unfortunatley did not get a photo with, but whom I enjoyed very much, indeed. We did a little swing dancing together..imitation swing dancing, more like. ;) It was silly, but fun. I just love being silly sometimes..I can't help myself! And I cannot wait for the next ball...

*Newly Added!*

..A video of the lovely ball. Filming credit goes to D. Sauble.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lilla Rose Review + Giveaway

If you are like me, then you know about bad hairdays. And if you know about bad hairdays, then you most certainly must know about the horrid moments when you can't find a hair thing anywhere and you are rushing out the door to someplace important. :]



..the shop designed to banish your bad hair days forever (well, almost..;) with their wonderful selection of hair pretties, etc. Not to mention a heavenly supply of unique jewelery and other items. :]

..the FlexiClip--an amazingly beautiful, simple, comfortable, quick-and-easy hair clip that stays put and makes on-the-fly hair care simple.

..the wonderful Miss Laurel at Lilla Rose who inquired whether I would be interested in reviewing one of their infamous FlexiClips for them--not to mention give one of my readers a chance to win one for themself.

My answer, of course, was..yes! :]

Lilla Rose supplies other things besides FlexiClips--oh, there is all manner of well-made jewelery: necklaces, bobby pins, earrings, headbands, etc.

 I was offered my choice of the huge variety of FlexiClips available. My, my~~I had SUCH a hard time deciding, but at last settled on:

The Silver Etched Lily FlexiClip

Miss Laurel was very helpful, kind, and friendly--she guided me swiftly through the process of determining my size (xs), etc. The shipping was very quick--three days at the most! When my package arrived, I discovered a lovely little gift box and a personlized card from Miss Laurel herself. <3

 Inside the box lay my FlexiClip, exactly as described, and very prettily placed. I immediatly tried it on, and it fit perfectly as a half-up clip! It definitly added some elegance to an otherwise simple, drab hairstyle, and it was extremely comfortable. I have worn it several times since its arrival, and am quite pleased! This shop is amazing. :)


{How to Win:}

...Now. Would you like the chance to win a FlexiClip of your choice? I thought so! ;) Read the directions carefully, and be sure to complete the mandatory entries first!

Please leave one comment for both of these, when completed.

Be a public google friend connect follower of this blog
Find the FlexiClip on Lilla Rose you would choose if you won!


{ONLY for those without a google account}

Follow this blog via e-mail

 {Extra Entries}

Worth one entry each, unless explicitly stated. Only valid if mandatory completed
Post/tweet/facebook about this giveaway; leave me the link

Add my blog button/blog link to your sidebar
"Like" Lilla Rose on facebook
Tell me your favorite way to do your hair!
Purchase something, large or small, from Lilla Rose and tell me what. :]


::Disclaimer: I recived this product free of charge from Lilla Rose to review. All opinions are soley my own. If you are interested in letting me review one of your products, please click here.::

"Of Shadows & Silhouettes" Photo Contest Finalists!

It is the big day at long last! After sifting through many, many entries of equal splendor, Raquel and I are pleased to announce that with much thought, pondering, and hesitance, we have decided on ten photos that are our "Of Shadows and Slihouettes" photo contest finalists. Thank you all for your participation these last two weeks...it has been amazing to witness how many creative and talented photographers there are out in the blogging world!

..These photos are in no particular order; just randomly uploaded. First through fifth places will be chosen later this week out of this selection. We will keep you posted! Also, I am so sorry about the "black bar" on some of these...something went haywire with the uploading! :I Not on the originals, I promise..;)

from Gabrielle
I just love this. Birds make absolutley lovely silhouettes, but it is sometimes hard to capture them! The frame of leaves around the subject makes it even more eye-popping.

from Nichole
When Raquel and I laid eyes upon this one, we literally shrieked! Not only is the subject absolutley *the* cutest thing ever, but the way the sun is coming between their heads is absolutley breathtaking. Plus, the bokeh behind the couple makes them stand out even more.

from Katelyn
This is just one of those pictures that makes you smile. :] I love the dustyness, the lighting, the contrast--everything. Great job, Katelyn!

from Polka Dot
This one is pretty much just adorable. <3 I love the alley idea, and the positioning, plus the stark contrast effects. Not to mention the tenderness that is portrayed. :)

from Jenna
I don't know how she got so close to this seagull! Amazing shot, Jenna. The bokeh is just right, and there is just enough contrast to make it a silhouette, but still solid. I love the coloring, too!

from Alexandra
This is so cute. I love how she captured a bit of the bike, but also gave us the whole shadow. Perfect angling, and I like the yellowy-vintage-looking tints she used!

from Monica
This is just spectacular. It looks so..haunting, yet beautiful. I have never seen a scene like this apart from movies, so this is just awesome! I love how the moon is framed by the branches, and how perfect the angling is. Wonderful capture, Monica. :]

from Hadley
..Can you guess why I liked this one? Just kidding. ;) Yes, this subject is adorable, but I mainly like how it looks exactly like the child, but in shadow form. Only the shadow is captured! I like the coloring too--and the backdrop which the shadow is cast upon. Just lovely, Hadley!

from Tallulah
This is so uniquely amazing. Love the wispy-ness, the blended silhouette, the colors..breathtaking!

from Susanna L.
LOVE these amazing colors!


..and that about sums it up! Congratulations to our finalists, and thank you once again for all of the entries we recieved. This has been too much fun! Check back this week for winners. :]

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainbow Cake. ♥

I think that the rainbow was one of God's most spectacular creations. I mean, what better way to cheer up Noah and co. after a ginormous devestating catastrophe that robbed them of their friends and homes than with..


..this beauooooteeeful thang? I think I would have made a sacrifice, too. o.O

Kidding. :]


Soooo...with rainbows in mind, I thought I would share something that pretty much put a huge, cheesy, 'me-want-that-for-birfday' grin on my face as soon as I saw it.

Rainbows. Cake. The ultimate layered delicacy. Booyah. 
No fancy French cupcakes for me, than you very much:
you're looking at my future 16th birthday cake, right thar. :]

..Is that cheerful, or is that cheerful?!

Call me a little kid, but making this is going to be the most amazing part. Have I ever told y'all how much I love mixing food coloring? I think it's the way the frosting/batter becomes more colorful..and bright..and cheerful..

..I'm torn! Amazingly pretty-ful white frosted layer cake with rainbows inside, or amazingly adorable little cake with rainbows outside? :I

..a more unique twist. Wedding cake? :)

..nah. :P

Something about this cake makes me want to grab a handful of it and stuff my face. o.O
Not such a good idea, methinks? :]

*craves rainbow cake fight*

♥ It's. My. Dream. Cupcake. ♥

Grand finale photo? I think so. Ahhh!! Rainbow jello!!

..maybe for my half-birthday? ;)

*must leave now*


So what is your 'dream cake?'


Today is the last day to enter Raquel and I's co-hosted photo contest:

..you have until midnight, NWPT to enter. Yes, the link-up is closed, but you can still e-mail me your entries at:

..there are some pretty awesome prizes up for winning, including the grand prize:

Create a SPARROW Ziptop Camera Bag - Holds Smaller DSLR - Fits Inside Larger Bags - FULLY Padded
A camera bag from Martilena

So, what are you waiting for? ;)
Click on the above button to read the rules, then send 'em on over! The ten finalists will be announced tomorrow, and then places will be awarded later this week. :]


::Also, I have an amazing surprise for you, which I will announce as soon as we reach 400 followers!.::

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm Still Alive {I Think}!

Well, I'm still here. Flesh and bones, alive and breathing. As much as I would enjoy being in Heaven right now, I am pleased with the present circumstances, though saddened and moved for the countless people who believed Mr. Harold Camping, and spent every penny. Gave up their jobs, homes, educations.

Have lost a grip on their faith because of this tragic lie.

Most of all, I feel for Mr. Camping himself. This wasn't a hoax he was trying to make others believe, he truly believed it. He is bewildered, and probably terrified. Also, he is not man enough to admit his mistake, and is now hiding out with all the blinds drawn and the doors locked, unable to face the mocking, weeping world that he has so impacted.

Poor Mr. Camping. Oh, Lord, reach him. Show him at last who you truly are--not One to be calculated, or played with, but One of mercy, forgiveness, and understanding of our human errors. ♥
..On the bright side, at 6:00 p.m. last night the world was still here, and I was on my way to the Count of Monte Cristo Ball. Many good things happened there, which I will post about {with pictures!} when the time is found. Many good people were met, as well, including the dear Miss Anna, Miss Michaela, Miss Eyebright, and Miss Hadley. ♥ More on that, upon a future date.

Also on the bright side, to my immense delight, I found that I was nominated to recieve the:

..if it were up to me, I would certainly not be "Blogger of the Month," but as it is I am secretly very thrilled. It is the first such award I have recieved, and I am full of thankfulness for the fact that my little blog has been a blessing to even one person out there...this is my ultimate goal. ♥

Thank you, Mary, for this sweet award~~ladies, visit her tremendously cute blog while you're at it. You won't be sorry! :)

I know this post should be all about the ball, but I simply have limited time at the moment, and wanted to cover these little topics first. I will be back, friends...in the meanwhile, have a blessed Sunday evening.

Fanny Crosby and Paul the Apostle will have to wait, but thank you LORD, I don't have to wait to be with Jesus. ;) ♥

Friday, May 20, 2011

If the world ends tommorrow...

White Chocolate Pecan Caramel Candies

..see y'all in Heaven. I'll be the girl sitting on Jesus' lap with a mountain of these ^^ by her side, conversing with Paul the Apostle and Fanny Crosby. ;)

But, really. I don't think we have a thing to fret about. That is, no one has to fret except for the poor souls who have spent their livelihoods, quit their jobs, and will be waiting patiently at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night for the Rapture. :(

 Remember this verse?


"..But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

(Matthew 24: 35-37)


...nope. Didn't think we had to worry. ;) Plus, I'm listening to Fireflies by OwlCity which creates a more optimistic air. :] Despite the fact that I don't get it. Like, at all. Anyways, have a blessed day, friends, and I will attempt to enjoy myself at the dance even while the world ends around me... 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Checklist Has Never Been So Thrilling..♥

this week holds much for little miss lucia. hence the writing without CAPS. i think better without CAPS. weird.


..yes, your blogging friend has more to her life than blogging, surprise, surprise! ;) though this is the first time i have ever, ever posted twice in one day {i think}. but the fact is, i type fast, so blogging only takes up about ten minutes of my day, even if it's a megga post. :) okay, 20 mins. for megga posts. but onwards, lucia, onwards..the subject has still not been reached.

i tend to ramble when i get galvanized.


To shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action.

..heehee. it's new word? :) there. you learned something.

anyways, with me and my extreme galvanization, i decided the only thing to do was to let you all in on my plans for this weekend. my wonderfully, astoundingly, supercalifragileisticexpialidocious (not a new word, unfortunately..:) checklist of not-so-hard-things "to do:"


"to do" this weekend:

o rejoice with fellow American Idol fans that wholesome country christian singers scotty and lauren are at the top, and goin' strong!! ♥ who says trashy glamour always wins?

o complete the light, minty-green, swishy long sash for my regency dress  

o take photos of the finished product for your eyes, and your eyes alone ;)

 o finish my third quarter of school work
{okay, not so fun part of the list, but i had to put it in there..}

o have a steak and hamburgers dinner with the W. family friday night when my parents leave on their 25th anniversary trip ♥

o have our dear friend christina over at 2 o'clock on saturday to do curly regency buns for the ball

o meet at our dear friend nicole's house for "bound-for-the-ball" car pooling

o meet anna and michaela at long last; spend time with other sweet friends ♥

o dance the night away at the count of monte cristo ball

o fall into bed sleepily much later--christina spending the night!

o attend christina's church 

o blog about the whole weekend ;) 


♥ ::..did i mention that i am slightly galvanized? you should be able to tell from all of the little guys all over that look suspiciously like hearts...:: ♥

More than a Fairytale?

Cinderella: commoner made princess.

Kate Middleton: commoner made princess.

...who says they shouldn't make the most of it? ;)


Sometimes dreams become reality.
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