Friday, July 23, 2010

~An Anne Day~

*...Sits down with a dreamy, Anne-ish look on her face*

Oh! What a delightful day it is today...such a lazy, sunny, friendly sort of day. Azure skies, with wisps of cotton clouds that almost make me want to kiss their fluffy faces.

...And do I sound different? A little more "Anne-ish" than usual? ;) Oddly enough, it is simply because of the fact that I am reading the Anne Novels again. I have finished "Anne of Green Gables" and "Anne of Avonlea," and am now on "Anne of the Island." As soon as school was finished (YES, I am at last done!) two days ago, I plopped onto the couch and read the first in less than two hours. =) It has just been so long since I have had any time for 'liesure reading...' ahh, bliss, it was! And I just love L. M. Montgomery's style of writing--it is very like my own (though, of course, mine is very much amatuer), and SURPRISINGLY, we have the same initials: L. M. M! And very nearly the same first name: Lucy/Luci/Lucia. :) *feels honored*

Anyways. The sun is shining beautifully, and I wish I were in Prince Edward Island--reading the books has made me pine for its beauty! Not that I'm not contented's just a wish.

So...tomorrow, we are leaving to go camping! I am thrilled--though I *do* hope the LORD blesses us with warm weather. Camping seems to bring the rain clouds, while at home the sun shines. Hmmmph. =) 

Blessings and Love from an "Anne-Girl" of Today, ;)
Miss Lucia

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Fair Week!

I have been SO busy lately, I don’t even know what to begin with, dear Readers! Oly to say that: I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to put up the pictures for the AOGG Fashion Show; I was simply *too* busy. =) But I am planning on taking them soon, and putting them up just for fun! So, don’t lose your hats just yet. ;)

The County Fair has been the core cause of my busyness this week/few weeks. That and school, which we are STILL not done with. =( Anyways, first things first:

Last Monday, it was RUSH RUSH RUSH to get our fair entries done and entered. That took a good two days. Then, it was PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE for Liv and I, because we were entering the talent show (*shiver*) that Wednesday. We did the Scottish song, “Loch Lomond,” as a guitar/piano/vocal duet. Olivia did the harmony, and I the melody.

So, Wednesday. At 6:30 p.m. we arrived, and got the keyboard and guitar in “storage” while we had about an hour before the show to look and see if our entries got anything. They did! I was pretty happy with my places. =) Then, it was time for the talent competition. I was a “bit” nervous. ;) I must say, we were NOT too pleased with our performance, but everyone said we did well (of course they said that! ;), and we made it to the finals, which was to be that Saturday. Feeling rather deflated despite this good news, we spent a little more time at the fair--until dusk.

Friday, we were back at the fair. I had purchased a ride bracelet so that I could do some rides with friends, after my “Gingerbread House” shift. The “Gingerbread House” is a little ‘shack’ at the fair that invites kids/parents in to hear the gospel, get a face paint, etc. That was wonderful--getting to tell little kids about Jesus as I painted their faces, who may have never heard before! I pray that some seed was at least planted.

Alas, after my shift was over, I realized that my bracelet card was gone. =( I looked everywhere, but to no avail. That was sad! So, I just watched the rides until the rodeo, which was fun. =) One of my friends, Kelsey L, was actually in the rodeo court (as a princess) this year! That was fun to see her ridin’ out thar, with her cowgirl hat and purty horse. ;)

Saturday: Woe was me! The dreaded finals for the talent show. This time we felt better about our performance, though, as I remembered to look up from my music and smile a lot more. Whew! And…..*drum roll* Out of the ten kids in our age group, we got third place (and $50)!! That was VERY amazing, and surprising. There were three places. I was so excited!

Then, somehow or other my mom explained about me losing my bracelet to the fair, and…they gave me a replacement! Wow--they don’t do that every day! =) So, I went on some rides with my little sister; ones that she couldn’t do by herself. That worked out! Then, it was the Saturday Night Rodeo--YEE-HAW!! ;) Very kewl. =)

Today, I am finishing up my school, picking up my money from the fair and entries, and taking a few moments to post (just because I know I should). I hope you enjoyed this brief update--blessings to you this Summer, and stay cool!

In Him,
Miss Lucia

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hayfield Photoshoot!

A few days ago, our fields were baled. I don't know about you, but there is something simply 8too* dee-lightful and countryish about a field of bales spreading into the sunset. :) *sighs* ...I especially love the fun, big round ones that they do for our fields.

I went out there with a friend and took some pictures, just because. =D They didn't turn out too, *too* well (as far as the person in them;), but I just love the background. I donned a new-ish dress from Wal-Mart that I got a few months ago, which seemed to match. And you know how I love yellow! ;)

If only I had long hair to tuck behind my ears....*sighs* ;)

...The only black-and-white shot I got.

Pretty haybale! :)

Yes, I do have hay all over, ;) and yes, I was laughing.

..I have more, but my computer is not working anymore at uploading pictures. =( So, I hope you enjoyed the pretty hay as much as I did! Sadly, the hay got bucked a couple days ago, so there is no more haybales for me to jump on. *sniffle*

Blessings to you, and I am going to be doing one or two days of the "Anne of Green Gables Fashion Week" today, hopefully! I had been hoping to enter for all of it, but sadly, I have been VERY busy with the county fair and all. So, look for that in coming posts! This is going to be fun.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Photos for Photography Contest...

Goodness me--guess what!?!? Miss Rachel from over at Rachel’s Blog is having…


..*joins in with all of the cheering and rushing to be entered* ;)

You can enter up to five edited or non-edited photos, and you must have them posted on your blog, and the link to the post comment on the photography contest themed post (I couldn't get a link to it for some reason...) at Miss Rachel’s by the 22nd (of July) if you want to be entered. There’s no particular theme, I don’t think…so, sound like fun?? YES! Here are my entries...tell me which one(s) you like best! =)

"The Grand Old Flag"

"Green and Fresh"

"Blue Blossoms"

"Sweet Pink Blooms"

"Summer Fruits"

 Blessings and Hugs To All!
~Miss Lucia~

Thursday, July 8, 2010


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To would-be pen pals: I am sorry, but at this time I cannot become your pen-pal, as much as I enjoy meeting new girls and getting to know them. I have simply too much to do, and already have a large list of pen-pals waiting for letters. So, please do not e-mail me about this unless you are willing to wait a year or so! ;)

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Friday, July 2, 2010

And the Days Fly By!

*Yawn* My, it has been a little while since I’ve REALLY written about our daily activities, hasn’t it? =) I suppose you are wondering about the yawn, anyhow. So, I will tell you (*hint: it has something to do with our day-by-day living as of late…*).

We have been picking strawberries at the L.’s house/farm for three days, now. The first day it was from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00, yesterday it was 7:00--12:00, and today it was again 8:00--12:00. =) It is hard work, but we get $5 for every crate we pick--I have a total of $90 for all three days, so far! Now, we have finished the week’s picking, and are starting again on Monday. The first day was sunny, yesterday was partly cloudy, and today was cloudy, then…POUR! I got soaked, and muddy from kneeling for four hours in the fields, but it was fun (hard) work! Now every time I close my eyes I see strawberries….=D After today’s work, Liv and I jumped on the wet trampoline in our soaked clothing as it poured down upon us--tons of fun!--while the boys had a “sword-fight “ thing…I don’t know. =) But I am going to bring my camera, hopefully, next time, so I can get some shots of the strawberries and pickers!

Olivia and I are still trying to finish up our schoolwork--and it’s already July! =( I can’t wait to be done…there’s just *so* much to do. I just have a few more Science labs and English papers to type up, and then I’m through. Whew! *dances around* =)

…What are everyone’s plans for the Fourth of July?? On Sunday, after church, we are having our cousins over to go kayaking in the bay with us. Yay! That’s a lot of fun always…and then, we are having two large families as well as them for a meal, and fireworks in the driveway.

Monday, we are going *rafting!!* I have never gone before--it’s with some home school friends of our’s, and a little ways away. Has anyone here ever been rafting? What was it like? I’m hoping it’s going to be hot!

Also, I have been awarded again! Yay--from dear Miss Laura, my pen-pal. =) Thank you, dear! It is the:

..Isn't it delightful? =D I feel so touched. Hmmm...and I believe I shall award this to:

Miss Lynnae @ Randomness by Lynnae
Miss Tarissa @ In the Bookcase

...Enjoy, ladies!!

...So, that pretty much wraps it up for now. Thank you all for voting on the polls for "Thrifty and Chic;" I'm looking forward to posting the "winners" soon--but keep voting and spreading the word!

Blessings, Ya'll!
~Miss Lucia~

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