Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Miss Lucia

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Names of Our El 'Elohim (Part 1)

...Did you know that God has names? Other than "God?" No, I don't mean that God can go by other names such as "Allah," or "Budah," as many religions insist. That is NOT true, as Believers in Him know.

But, "Sure," you might say, "We all know that The LORD has wonderful names, such as:

Lamb of God
I Am
King of Kings, etc..."

..This is true. Our Savior DOES have and deserve these names, but, something interesting that I have come accross this year are the names of God. The real, Hebrew names, that I had no idea about, like some of you.

For instance, have you ever really looked into the fact that "Jesus" and "God" are not the names used in the Bible Days? I only just realized this a few months ago, and since then have been studying a bit. I truly thought that "Jesus" was the name used in the Scriptures, the name chosen by God, and told by Gabriel  to Mary. Well, let me show you what my Bible says, in the "Introduction to The New Living Translation" (Which I had never bothered to read before):

The Rendering of Divine Names
By the Bible Translation Committee

All appearances of el,' 'elohim, or 'eloah have been translated "God," except where the context demands the translation "god(s)." We have generally rendered the tetragrammaton (YHWH) consistently as "the LORD..." This will distinguish it from the name 'adonai, which we render, "Lord." When adonai and YHWH appear together, we have rendered it, "Sovereign Lord."  This also distinguishes 'adonai YHWH from cases where YHWH appears 'elohim, which is rendered "LORD God." When YH (short form of YHWH) and YHWH appear together, we have rendered it "LORD GOD." When YHWH appears with the term tseba'oth, we have rendered it "LORD of Heaven's Armies" to translate the meaning of the name...Also, the name "Jesus" is actually a translation of Yeshua, which means The Son of the Highest.

..Do you see? I thought it remarkable that the names of El,' 'Elohim have been changed to simply "God," or "LORD." Is it too hard for the common English-speaking citizen to learn original Hebrew names? I understand and don't think translation to "God" and "LORD" are wrong, but I just thought it interesting.

 Blessings in YHWH,
    Miss Lucia     

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Home Again, We're Home Again..."

*Throws open the large oaken doors to her Blogger home and sighs*

...I'm home! Yes, admit it--you were beginning to believe that I had disappeared, weren't you? ;) No such thing. Simply this: a vacation! Yes, to the beach this time...some friends of ours are very kind, and let us use their lovely old beach cabin once a year! We had a fabulous time, and were blessed with lovely weather many of the days: "The first we've had all summer!" said the locals.

Alas, our camera seems to be missing, =( but once it is found (if it is found...), I will treat you to lovely sunsets, picturesque sights, and smiling faces! ;)

..Just a small update for faithful followers today. Blessings and love to you all! By the way, there is still a few more days to enter my giveaway (the post below this): it ends on the 31st at midnight, so hurry, hurry!

In Him,
Miss Lucia

Monday, August 16, 2010

My 100th Post GIVEAWAY!!

Well, can you believe it?? In the seven months (about) that I have had "Virtuous Girlhood," I have posted not 50 times, not 88 times, but...(can you guess??)

100 TIMES!!!

...I am *super* excited to tell ya'll that in celebration of this "goal post" (lol), I am having a giveaway! That's right--do you remember my 50th post giveaway? Though small, it was great fun, and I am ready for another. Now. Here is what I am offering!

I have always enjoyed card-making and artsy scrap-booking stuff in general. Recently, with my discovery of fabric flowers, I have been able to make some even purtier cards! So, I thought that I would give you a chance to win a set of three handmade (fabric-flower adorned) cards: a "Thank You" card, "Birthday" card, and "Friendship" card. =) What do you think? Well--enough of this explaining! I'll show you a sample of what the lucky winner will get!

...So, in short:

What you get: three home-made, different occasion cards

...And now. How do you enter? I am keeping it relativley simple. Do one or more of the following, and comment on this post  for each thing you do {seperate comments, please!}. I will put all the entries in a hat (or something like that), and draw a winner. What are you waiting for?? Hurry up and enter with any of these:

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**This giveaway ends on August 31st, 12:00 p.m.**


"Favorite Time Period" Poll Results!

...Awhile back, I put up a poll on the sidebar (as I am so fond of doing ;), entitled, "What is Your Favorite Time Period?" Well, since there were 122 votes in all (thank you, friends!), I couldn't resist putting up the results for ALL to see! =D So, here it is:

Bible Times --28 (22%)

Viking Ages --14 (11%)

1400s to 1600s --26 (21%)

1700s to 1900s --89 (72%)

Present --38 (31%)

...With "1700s to 1900s" coming out as winner overall! That is my favorite time period, too--though I am happy where God has placed me. The fact is, if I had been born in any other century, I most likely wouldn't be alive! I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped three times around my neck, and...so, praise the LORD for His will and love. I am happy where I am, and wouldn't trade my life for a queen's (though maybe trying it out for a day wouldn't be so bad..)! =D

Blessings and Thanks to Him,
Miss Lucia

P.S. (AND...*drumroll* this is my 100th post!! Can you believe it? Stay tuned for a giveaway! ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fabric Flowers!

...Well, guess what? You can guess what this post is about already, if you "peeked" in the basket at the top. Or looked at my 'status' on the sidebar. ;) I have seen so many of these types of posts since Miss Samantha showed us how to, and I have become one of them these past weeks! Yes, I have been making...

~Fabric Flowers!~
(are you surprised?=)

I have alot of scraps of cute-ish fabric, and so said to myself, "Why not?" They are beautiful additions to cards, skirts, headbands, clips, necklaces...you name it!

One of my first makings...a polka-dot ring!

Buttons and Pink!

Sparkly Blue

This is a fun one--red and colorful polka-dots! I love polka-dots for these flowers. =)

Pretty striped flower!

White Eyelit ring and yellow center button

Fun monkey-print fabric! Don't that just beat all? ;)

Some of my finished creations! :)

~Un-Finished Flowers~
(Here are a few of still-in-progress flowers!)

Pink monkey-print :)

Brown and yellow mokey-print!

Brown colorful money-print

Pale blue blossom
White and Brown Monkeys
Two more sparkly blues
...I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been "up to!" As I get more experianced with making them, they are taking less and less time. I started out with about 35 minutes per flower, and now it's about 10 minutes. =) Yep! Purty fun.

Miss Lucia

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Window Cleaner

It's Summer Cleaning time here at the M. Home, and I have been dubbed the title of "window cleaner." *winks*

..If you must know, I am an absolute clean-o-holic. =) Nothing satisfies me more than the swipe of a rag against a dirty place, making a clean streak in the dust. Nor does anything dismantle me more than a dirty floor. Thus, this was not an altogether difficult task for me.

To celebrate my cleaning achievemnets, I will show you some "before and after" photos...yes, I am that obsessed with my now-clean windows. *smirks* So, pardon this boring post (ignore it, if you must), and scroll down to see my prized photos! Haha...


..And after! =)

Friday, August 6, 2010


A few years ago, I was able to take a class given by a friend of mine at our homeschool co-op. Spinning! I had always wanted to learn how to spin--making one's own yarn is very handy (if it turns out). Thus, I was excited to be able to take the class, and learn how to dye fresh wool, card, spin, and hand spin. Now, I don't personally own a spinning wheel, =( but I DO have a "Hand-Spinnette," given to me with the class. I thought I would show you it, and how it works! :)

This is it. A rather simple instrument, isn't it? :) You see, you hook a wisp of 'fresh' wool to the hook (obviously), and let the whole thing drop, while you hold onto the wisp. You then rub the wisp between your hands as the spinnette spins, and it twists into yarn.

Yes, I'm sitting there smiling at the Spinnette. Don't mind me. :) See how the finished yarn is wound about the bottom? That's the "storage compartment." Yep!

...You end up being able to make quite a bit.

Here is a skein of rather unfinished yarn--it needs to be tamed of lumps yet. Needs another round of Spinnette!

So, after you do this for awhile, it becomes pretty easy! It's kind of hard at first to get the Spinnette to spin, and not drop everything. :) I hope you enjoyed that little "tutorial!" I believe you can find Spinnettes at sewing/quilting stores, or even perhaps craft stores. Do try it someday! It's a good thing to know for your future years. =)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~Anne for a Day~

If you noticed my *new* header, you might have guessed that something was up my sleeve. ;) Yes, I finally did the "Anne of Green Gables" Fashion Week thingy--only, alas, I am too late. =( So, I made up my own "catagory:" Anne for the Day! I will just post it, as promised, for all of you to see! I was Anne for the day, and enjoyed myself immensly.

Anne for the Day: 'Arrival at Green Gables' Outfit

Anne wasn't dressed in the most attractive of outfits when she arrived at Green Gables, blissfully unaware of a mistake, and happy that she had such a lovely home. Most illustrations depict the "Arriving Anne" as a little girl with redbraids sticking out of a large straw hat, with a clean, but threadbare pinnafore atop an ugly cotton print dress. I added a flower to my hat, because I thought that, with Anne's love of beauty and imagination, she would have plucked a flower to pretty her poor hat.  

So for my outfit, I donned...

A pinnafore which I made myself when I was twelve
My calico-print dress =)
Black cashmere stockings
Tie "Pioneer Boots" given to me by a friend
Mama's straw hat, with a posy stuck in it

My hair...

A bun! How original...

...More "Anne for the Day" activites may be coming soon, depending on how my imagination is doing...=)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Memories--What Life is Made Of

Gracious! Here I am again, back to "Blog Sweet Blog." ;) We had a delightful week camping--swimming, biking, hiking, laughing, TIME FOR reading and finishing letters to Dear Pen-Pals, family time...*sigh* I am sorry that it is over! Also, I apologise for those of you who have been waiting for me to e-mail back; I missed alot of fun chances for on-line things because of not having e-mail--but, besides apologising to YOU, it's alright! THIS was worth it:

At The Beach

Sandcastle Builders!

Some of the campsite...

Tent buddies!! =)

A lovely (*AHEM*) shot of me in the tent...morning face! =P

Sisters! My Sweet Sister Annie and I on a nearby dock at sunset.. <3

Wildlife Galore--a cute widdle foxy-woxy! =D

Sunset on Lake Cascade

An...interesting shot, with me and Liv in the background....eating at the Pancake House!

Homemade Cheeseburgers at the ol' Campin' Site!

A family shot above the lake

...Hope you enjoyed a little taste of our camping experiance...I will hopefully be caught up with e-mails soon!

Miss Lucia
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