Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today seemed like one big cloudy grey afternoon, swept up in the quietness of "nothing really to do but study." It was so, so very nice. 

Oh, hey there. I'm back, for reals. The days in these past few months have been so full, it seems--mainly attributed to the fact that I was a part of the swim team directly following the Cross Country season. It is the first time I have ever done two sports in a year, and it cut my free-time altogether. Thus, the lack of posts + much-needed updates on promised wedding photos and such. ;) 

Man is it hard to keep up on life, eh?

But here is a little list (because lists are really my things. Especially if they're happy lists, not lists telling me what to do. Those aren't so great.) of the things that have blessed me and kept me buzzing this past month, and beyond:

// I shot my second wedding on December 15th. And because I have been utterly lame and gotten no previews up from that day, here is one. Yes, one. And it will have to do for now. ;)

// I placed 12th in District for swimming last week, and got to go on to the District Championships, which was a huge surprise for me! For you swimmers out there, I swam the 100 Breastroke and managed to PR 9 seconds in the two District days. That was such a blessing for me, especially since I am by no means an experienced swimmer. Swimming is definitely a difficult sport. And I look like a drowning Bald Eagle in a swim cap, just throwing that out there...

// It was Nikki (my camera) and I's anniversary this December, and just in time I scored my first two paying photo clients (besides weddings) Now I am starting to work out a business plan (please be praying for direction in that, if you will!), and have some savings for a new cam. Nikki is a great little girl, but (and don't tell her this) she just isn't up to snuff for what I am going towards at this point. Things like *ahem*  weak ISO and *double ahem* not focusing keep me an agitated yet ever-patient parent. I'll keep you updated on that. ;) 

// I am finally living our my childhood dream of having long hair. It's almost down to the middle of my back, now, and I am as thrilled as a little girl. Yep, I'm easily excitable. But when you've been waiting your whole life...

And now, because I'm random like that:

Hey, go listen to her. This is the craziest yet most unique + catchy music I have heard in a long time. Though the lyrics, like most songs, are kind of pointless. And this is the only song you can trust me on so far; I haven't listened to the others. So be warned. But she's only 15 (amazing, right?!), so things should be good. 

Be blessed, friends. 

// xo, lucia 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

simple days.

as we grow older,
the days grow simpler.
no, they grow more
but the desire for simplicity becomes

it's funny how the simple people often wish for
a flamboyant life
and the flamboyant people find themselves pining for
a simple life.

i like simplicity. 
it's like the rain. steady, clear,
always refreshing.
and simple days, too. when things get too busy--
when you have no spare moments to use for
or laying on your back and just

the world becomes a dreary place. 

and so this is a simple post. 
the days have been so full. i have so much to say.
i have so much to write.
so many things to remember.
but i just want to breathe. and let it all go.

so here is a simple post that is only meant to say, 

"hello, i'm alive still,
just trying to breathe.
i have forgotten my capitals today,
but i haven't forgotten you."

// xo, lucia 

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