Friday, April 12, 2013

delicate spring | imagery

Spring is such a gentle season. Here, it arrives when the rains start to warm instead of freeze the ground; when the air begins to smell of freshly mown grass and honeysuckle, and when the cherry trees start to litter the ground with their blossom snow.

I am an epitome of indecision when it comes to naming my favorite season--I find my taste changes as they change, and that is never any good. I love to cozy up to Winter, twirl amidst the Fall, run free with the Summer--but breathing with Spring is such a rejuvenating thing.

I have been taking long bike rides in the evenings as the sun sets behind our country roads. I pedal my green bike up hills and down hills, feeling the wind in my hair, the beautiful ache in my lungs, and the sudden light sprinkles that come from nowhere and only wet my face a little.

Spring is a lovely thing. And it's my favorite.

(Do you believe me? You can for a few more months.)

// xo, lucia

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