Friday, January 11, 2013

the road less traveled.

I would like to someday say that I am one who has taken “the road less traveled.” Wouldn’t you? An un-trodden road is such a mysterious thing—it whispers of the furtive, the enigmatic adventures awaiting—yet it also has an undertone of unknown danger. Most would prefer a road full of tracks and footprints to an spindly path with only a few deer trails across it, for when a road is traveled by many, it is deemed safe by many. Yet sometimes safety can be deceiving; as Christians, we are warned against the “wide road” which many take—the well-traveled road of the World. It is my desire to take the narrow path; to employ Robert Frost’s verses as my life’s motto:

Two roads diverged in a wood,
And I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Which brings me, in one way or another, to another point. You may have noticed some changes around here—yes, I changed my design (again), but this time mainly to suit my blog’s new name. It’s nothing fancy, simply “Lucia Marie,” with a sub-title (which may come into play later but is currently not up there): “The Road Less Traveled.” I know a lot of fellow bloggers have been changing their names recently, and it is not my intention to simply ‘go with the flow’ or ‘copy’ anyone else; I simply felt it was time for this change. I wanted a name that could be incorporated into a photography business, and my own name was kind of a given. Thus—welcome to “Lucia Marie: The Road Less Traveled.” Though nothing has changed too drastically. 


Today is a quiet day at home. It is cold and crisp outside; remnants of last night's ice skitter the driveway and make you watch your step. My eyes are heavy from a rather restless night and an early awakening (I swim on Fridays at 6:30, but today there was no practice because of the ice and I didn't know so I went anyways so...yeah.), but I feel alive. Feeling alive is a rarity for some. Being alive is a blessing in and of itself. May we never forget it.


Friday, January 4, 2013

it was a jolly old year.

"Write it in your heart that every day is the best day in the year."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

It was a jolly old year, was 2012. And as it ebbed away, like a tide subtly brushing the sand beneath it clean, snow came in fairy-tale flakes. It was the first decent snow of the winter, and a pretty way to ring in the new year. 

I thought awhile about what my "New Year's post" might be written about, late as it is. I know most people write long lists of the things they accomplished in the old year; favorite memories and adventures and good times spent; or they compile innumerable resolutions and hopes for the new year coming.Indeed, I have many things I could share--resolutions, fond memories, wishes, highlights. 

I have folder upon folder of photos that remind me vividly of good times past; I have a memory box in my head of these, as well. But instead of filling my post with a clutter of these things, I thought I would share one of my favorite poems with you all, and then two short five-item lists of 2012 memories and 2013 hopes.  Thus, 

A Song for New Year's Eve
by William Cullen Bryant

Stay yet, my friends, a moment stay‚—
   Stay till the good old year,
So long companion of our way,
   Shakes hands, and leaves us here.
      Oh stay, oh stay,
One little hour, and then away.

The year, whose hopes were high and strong,
   Has now no hopes to wake;
Yet one hour more of jest and song
   For his familiar sake.
      Oh stay, oh stay,
One mirthful hour, and then away.

The kindly year, his liberal hands
   Have lavished all his store.
And shall we turn from where he stands,
   Because he gives no more?
      Oh stay, oh stay,
One grateful hour, and then away.

Days brightly came and calmly went,
   While yet he was our guest;
How cheerfully the week was spent!
   How sweet the seventh day’s rest!
      Oh stay, oh stay,
One golden hour, and then away.

Dear friends were with us, some who sleep
   Beneath the coffin-lid:
What pleasant memories we keep
   Of all they said and did!
      Oh stay, oh stay,
One tender hour, and then away.

Even while we sing, he smiles his last,
   And leaves our sphere behind.
The good old year is with the past;
   Oh be the new as kind!
      Oh stay, oh stay,
One parting strain, and then away.

I love this poem by Bryant because it simply and honestly rings the old year out with a wistful and almost melancholy air, but with bright hope for the future and a little underscore which whispers as Anne Shirley did, "Tomorrow is a fresh new day with no mistakes in it." For so it is with a new year--2013 is a fresh slate, though we mark it up as coarsely as we did the last. 

2012 // MEMORIES 

-Buying my first DSLR camera
-Shooting my first and second weddings
-Running at the 2012 OSAA Cross Country Championships with my team
-Starting a new sport
-Helping an unbelieving team mate come to know the Lord, and watching how on fire for Him she is today! 


-Turning 18
-Getting my driver's license 
-Developing a photography business
-Finishing my senior year of home schooled high school 
-Saving enough money to buy an upgraded SLR and potentially attend Capenwray Bible College
(and visit the lovely Jess! maybe?)

..Yes, 2012 was a "jolly old year." It had its trying moments, sadness, losses, failures, tears--but the laughter and the cozy, warm moments outweighed the bad. May you live this year, this coming 2013, with relish and joy, and may you be blessed by Him. 


For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
(Jeremiah 29:11)

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