Saturday, October 29, 2011

all the colors of the wind //

I went out today in the Autumn twilight, with my camera in tow. The trees are nearing the end of their illustrious glory, and I wanted to capture Fall before it vanishes completely.



Linking this ^ photo up to a photo challenge over at Kelsey's place! :]

hazy sunlight + bokeh + Autumn colors = photographer's paradise. <3

me oh my! {the 600 follower GIVEAWAY} CLOSED


Umbrella Girl 
I'm sitting here with a cup full of Throat Coat (aye, I know..a sore throat on such a day as this?!) and a blueberry bagel. The weather outside is deliciously foggy, and I feel uberly cozy despite the throat.

It is the perfect day for a giveaway in my neck of the woods, and I am determined to get this one on a roll before the clock strikes twelve.

So. What are we waiting for?

Just the usual--thanks and acknowledgements and all that stuff that takes a few moments to type, but is so never long enough to properly thank my amazing sponsors for taking faith in my little site and allowing a few of their goodies to be given away. So, let's all give a huge virtual round of applause for these lovely ladies, shall we?

*the hugest applause known to history*


..And, I can't cut my acknowledgements paragraph short without thanking you, my dear friends and faithful readers, for making this little blogging hobby of mine so wonderfully fun. ♥

*the hugest hug known to history*

(hey, fitting 602 people in a bear hug is not as easy a task as it may appear ;)  

Now. Without further adieu, let me introduce the 21 prizes and their sponsors....

T Shirt Necklace / Black / Long Short Choker / Recycled Tee / 20" Long / 50 cm / Repurposed / Headband / Bracelet
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Paris Eiffel Tower Tags - French Script Post Card Collaged - Set of 6
(6) Eiffel Tower Tags

Antique Copper Bird Earrings
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Brass Filigree Rose Ring

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Rosette Headband

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Fiesta Natural Soap
Fiesta Natural Soap (5 ounce bar)

Christmas Gift Tags Vintage Sheet Music, Dashing Through The Snow
Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

Purple MUM Chrysanthemum Stud Earrings - Violet Love
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Candy Corn Cookies - 1 dozen candy corn cookie favors
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CLEARANCE Silver Heart Earrings
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2012 pocket planner - arrow
2012 Pocket Planner

 ..and now for the rules. Because every giveaway comes with rules. ;) Don't worry, I'm making this as simple as possible, but my sponsors need some love, so I'm also giving you a lot of entry chances.. :)

Please read the directions carefully, and make SURE to complete the FIRST in a separate comment. Also, leave your e-mail address or valid, active blog url in EVERY comment, so if you are the winner I don't have to scrounge and search for the comments with your address in them. ;)


Mandatory Entries:
(Must be completed BEFORE 'extras,' in one comment. If you are already a follower, please tell me you are in a comment, anyways!)

Follow this blog publicly via google friend connect and tell me you do
If you do not have an appropriate account, instead of 'following'...

Subscribe to my blog via e-mail (on the sidebar). :)


 Extra Entries:
(Only eligible after mandatory entries are completed. Please leave one comment for each 'extra' entry; i.e. 2 entries for 'liking' my fb page = 2 comments saying you 'like' my fb page.)

Heart a shop using your Etsy account.
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(3 entries for each action/time)
Add my blog to your blog roll. :)
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E-mail at least 5 friends about this giveaway.
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..and that, my friends, about sums it up. :o)


 This giveaway is open, sadly, to U.S. Residents only, aged 12+, until further notice. Subject to change. If you are under 12 years of age, please ask permission from your parent/guardian, as the winner will be required to give his/her home address in order to recieve their prize. Giveaway closes November 15th, 2011, 12:00 a.m. NWPT. Subject to change. Winners will be notified via e-mail or blog comment, and will have two days to claim prize before a substitute winner is drawn.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

for the love of trucks.♥

I have this thing for cute trucks. You know, the white 1979 Fords with baby blue stripes. Okay, any color, really.

And I like my trucks (okay, I don't have a truck..let's just say I like people who have trucks' trucks..akward sentence there..okay..nevermind..) to have a little 'vroom' to them. Not obnoxious 'vroom-vrooming,' but not muffled ones, either.

Pinned Image
^ Picnic in a truck? Yes please. And it is an insanely adorable truck to boot.  ♥

^ Couldn't you see me in this? ;)

..Okay, not quite me. But I think I would like to drive this just once. It would feel like I was above the whole world..

..And then there's the cuties. I love this little red guy, ^ but I wouldn't drive it. Too fancy and...crashable. o.O

^ Okay, a little too antique for me. :]

^ Amazing color right there. 1965 Baby.  ♥

^ Daaaaang. All I have to say. :]

So, yes. There's my little random post about trucks. Now you know--when I become a millionare, I won't have a Coupe or a Ferrari or a Bugatti Veyron in my garage. ;)  ♥

Are you a truck person? Or do you have something else in mind as your dream car?

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