Saturday, June 30, 2012

saturday rain || a short home film

So, we aren't going camping, after all. Dad hurt his back really badly somehow (even he isn't sure what happened!), and thus all plans are canceled.

...oh, and did I mention it's raining? 

We are disappointed, of course, but I took advantage of this newly freed [rainy] day and made a short film for you. It features a few of the scenes around our house--flowers, pets, my (grass-covered) feet. Stuff like that. 

Enjoy. :)

(music is nicole nordeman's "with you")


Friday, June 29, 2012

art in the everyday. and randomosity.

I don't know why we always think of "art" as the oils and watercolors and pastels hanging in the museums. Art isn't restricted to a painting or a statue. These are indeed "art," yet are in many ways only the imitations of art. After all, statues and paintings are merely copies of the real world. Perceptions of the art around us--in the sky, in the fields, in the places the artist went and the people the artist saw. 

I like striving to live an artsy life. And by "artsy," I don't mean making my home in a greenhouse, surrounded by boxes of paint and eating baguettes + cheese (though give me that and I'll take it, I suppose). I mean living with eyes that are always perceiving and appreciating the colors and patterns and contorted emotions on the faces of those around me. 

I guess you could call it a hobby of mine. 


...I've been a little MIA for the past week or so, thanks to the general emotions and excitement and upheavals of existing. I've been helping out at a local VBS every night for the past four days, helping lead the music up front (did you know I could dance the Ten Commandment Boogie? Me neither..), playing the piano, doing skits (eek, I have a main part tonight that I have yet to finish memorizing), and assisting in herding dozens of little cuties to their various activities (I have to admit I've become a sort of beloved celebrity among the kids, despite the fact that I am constantly forced to order them about... how that happened I have no idea. But I love them all to death). 

And then there have been four hour study parties at Starbucks with Sarah (yes, we are both still experiencing the joys of schoolwork), year-end testing yesterday morning, 6:30 a.m. runs with Olivia, and hectic packing for  our week-long camping trip to Idaho (we're leaving tomorrow--guest posters, ahoy!). 

When I return, I have a second senior shoot with Jessica planned, an engagement shoot with a lovely couple (my first! Eee!), giveaways to post, a certain photo challenge to start up again (many apologies for never posting the winner of April's, or starting up the June one as case you didn't see the poll on the sidebar, our winner was Lauren), a milk maid braid tutorial to post, another vlog for y'all, and a random video of me singing. 

Yep. Only because I have gotten at least twelve requests in the past month for a video of me singing--why, I have zero idea (have I ever even mentioned singing on here??). But, I complied--let's hope you aren't too disappointed. =] I love to sing, but certainly have no claim to boisterous vocals. Whatever--you asked for it! 

Wow. I have used a lot of parentheses in this post, rambled a little, updated too much, and dawdled from my original subject reprehensibly. But, it is good to be back, though I am leaving once more--until next week, friends! And just for a spontaneous ending, because I will not be here to wish you it: Happy 4th of July. 



..Bekah is having a pretty exciting event over at her lovely blog! Be sure to go check it out. 


..I guest posted at two blogs this week, if you want something extra to read! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

children of summer // portraits

I am a child of summer. Born there, grown there, left there to stay.

I drink the warm scent carried upon the balmy breezes of a summer day like a woman drinks her perfume--the scent of freshly mowed grass and drying leaves scattered in the wind, pale roses releasing their petals in soft showers, and blackberries ripening in their homes.

I revel in the long nights, the twinkling stars in a clear sky, and the sun-spotted mornings; the dappled shadows, the deep greens of a shaded grove, and the pure white and gold of daisies sprinkling a yellow field.

The past few days have been weather bliss. I took advantage of the lush greens and sunny skies and took my camera and tripod out back. There is this lovely little place behind our woodpile that I have had my eye on for some time--a patch of green woods, dappled and leafy. I have been wanting to try some self-portraiture, and this seemed the perfect spot to do so.  

It was hard. And patience-trying. But I emerged from that leafy bower with much learned, much gained, and much happiness that I am not (nor ever could be) a model. 

A little while later Olivia volunteered herself as a model for the benefit of myself, much to my happiness (bless her heart. I can only stand taking photos of my own awkward face for so long). And thus we both reveled in the forest as children of summer. 

Summer, pass ye by slowly. The days are long yet short, and I want to make one hundred daisy chains before you fade.


ps-the shirt I'm wearing? handmade. my dad got it for my aunt when he was a journalist in cyprus 37 years ago. she passed it down to her daughter, who wore it for years, and now it's in our family. sweet little relic of history, eh? 

also: braid crowns are my new fave at the moment. video tutorial, anyone? warning: many.bobby-pins.needed. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

in the tranquil

Tranquility grows more precious to me as I grow older; as every day passes.  I love to dwell in the silent fields where wildflowers bloom, creeks gurgle, and dragonflies hover. The peace and serenity of an open garden gate calls to me more loudly than dark movie theaters and gossip with neighbors ever could. To escape, even for a moment, from the ringing clamor of daily life is relief like no other: the teenage drama, the jealousy, the squabbles, the boy-talk, the ever-chatting voices that whine and warble and snap and sometimes begin to sound like yipping Chihuahuas. 

It's not that I don't love people--I do. I enjoy conversations, I enjoy friends, I enjoy gatherings, movies, music, laughter, the pleasure that comes with being loud and silly every once in awhile. It's just that lately people have seemed louder, talk has seemed more meaningless, and the world is appearing more and more fake.  

It's just that there is an unmistakable pleasure in silence that comes every once in awhile, too. 

But I don't live in a dreamboat world. Lying on my back in a white dress in a wooden canoe with rose petals floating beside me in the crystal waters is purely the stuff of Pinterest. And in this life, I won't get anywhere if I let myself trail my hands in a lake all day long. It has to come in snatches. 

It doesn't have to be in a field surrounded by wildflowers, it can simply be you huddled in your tiny closet, talking to God for ten minutes. It can be stepping outside for a mere moment to catch your breath on a long an busy day. 

Life can so easily blot God out. I can so easily blot God out. And without God, there is no true reaching of tranquility. Peace can be felt in a boat, in a field, in a white or blue or peachy dress. But true serenity begins in the heart, and where God abides. 

Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another,agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.
[2nd Corinthians 13:11]

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a revel in june

June began without my knowledge. It was May the last I checked, and then--all of a sudden--it was the new month. The month of sunshine, roses, kittens, weddings, starlit nights and constant change. It arrived quietly, yet I believe it will go out with a crash and a bang. So I want to revel in it for awhile--because I know it will be a good month. 

This last weekend I attended the wedding of a sweet long-time friend, Nicole. It was a beautiful wedding (the lovely bride hand-made her beautiful dress! Now that takes some skill, friends. Trust me.), and amidst the dancing and sunshine and talk I had the opportunity to be a sort of "third-shooter." I was in heaven. Truly. 

As I got in everyone's faces and stood/sat/knelt/belly-flopped everywhere, clicking away, something whispered inside of me, I would love to do this, always. And just like that, I had a full-blown argument inside my mind: 

"I could do this!" 
"No, you couldn't. You don't have the gear." 
"I could save!" 
"It would take you years." 
"I know I could do this. I love this. This is me."
"You're fooling yourself. You need so much more than ideas. It would take hard work."
"Everything worthwhile in life takes hard work."

I prayed about it, right there. I said, "Lord, if it's in Your plan for me to somehow, someway become a professional photographer, despite my lack of knowledge and funds at this point...will You show me?"

And the next day, something happened. Something I never expected to happen for years. Something really exciting. I can't tell you about it right now, but as soon as it's settled I will. All I can say is this: God. Is. Good. 

..And that, plus the fact that all of the little seeds I planted in our garden are growing up splendidly, there is French Bread in the kitchen, ice cream in the freezer,  kittens in the woodpile, and a giveaway from this amazing shoppe brewing on the horizon, is why I know June is going to be a good month. 

So let me revel in it for awhile. 

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