Thursday, March 1, 2012

resplendent morning.

The day dawns crisp and cold. A slim blanket of snow covers the ground, and the sun shines gently through a wrap of misty fog.

 I blink awake at the sudden brightness, then snuggle deeper in my blanket and stare out at a glimmering winter world. Little spring buds drip beneath their cold dusting. 

Roo reclines on my bed, washing her silken fur. She looks up at me in alarm, startled by my camera's shutter. Perfect timing, cat. 

A waft of deliciousness arises from the kitchen below; crepes frying on a pan. 

The snow slowly melts as the clock ticks, and soon the first of March is no longer sheathed in white. 

Resplendent morning. How I love you. 


  1. These are beautiful, Lucia!!! I love the tones you use to edit your photographs---so vintagy and whimsy. ;)

    love your new header too.

  2. Love these pictures!
    I was wondering, when are the challenge winners going to be announced?

  3. beautiful pictures, as always, Lucia! :D

    Love your new header!

    ~Madi (Madi's Scrapbook)

  4. These shots are all beautiful! This new look is... gorgeous♥ I wonder... I think I heard that you do blog design. I've been looking for something just like this - what do you charge?

    Amazing shots, as usual Lucia!
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. lucia! I love your new header, and your social media icons are adorable :) lovely post!

  6. Hi Lucia!

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful writing! Don't you just love mornings? That first picture is just breathtaking. :)

    God bless you!
    Joy :D

  7. Amazing pictures... I'm pretty sure you took them yourself, right? Because they really look like images from Pinterest =D. Beautiful, and thanks for sharing.

    P.S. I like that picture for your header very much!

    ~Joy @

  8. You have beautiful photos and an adorable cat!
    So you're homeschooled, right? Well, I've been private schooled all my life, and I am seriously considering homeschooling next year, in which I will be a freshman. What are your thoughts on it? What are the advantages and disadvantages that you've observed?
    Thanks so much!
    In Christ,

  9. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pictures, Luci! I especially like the first one: SOOOO beautiful! And I also really like the tones you add to your pictures! They fit the pictures perfectly!

    Have a blessed day,
    Martha Joy

  10. You do such a beautiful job editing your photos, Lucia. Very nice!!

    Do you think you will be annoucing the black and white love photo contest finalists soon? Just wondered......


  11. Really, really, really like those pictures. =)

    I love crepes! They're so good!!

  12. Oh wow! ANOTHER new blog look?! :D haha I like the header! That's a great picture! Very nice!

    So did you do baking today or were those eggs from breakfast? ;)

    What's your kitty's name again?? Did you know that we got a cat a couple months ago?

    Gotta love orange juice!! And are those crepes?! Yummies!!

    I love that last picture too...are you wearing purple or blue?? Lovely color, whichever it is. :) And I'm sure if looks lovely with your eyes!!

    ~Miss Raquel

  13. I think the first photo is especially stunning.:) They're all gorgeous though!

  14. one word... LOVE. Your photos are always so pretty, and the editing on this is so whimsical. I love the second one.

  15. Those photos are all really pretty. I love fresh snow. The top photo is my favorite, very mysterious!

  16. This is the kind of post that makes me realize why I am OCD about your blog ;)

  17. Beautiful shots! Love the processing- it's so soft and whismical!

  18. What a lovely morning! :)
    In Christ Jesus,


  19. Your so lucky I wish I got snow. It is 77 in South Carolina!

  20. How lovely! Your processing on your photos is fantastic - nice job!

  21. One: these photos take me back to the 1960s, when the world was a dreamier, simpler place.

    Two: Blog design? Too gorgeous. I'm glad you thought to change it. It's

  22. These are gorgeous photos! Did you use any kind of filter or editing software on them?



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