Friday, March 2, 2012

black and white love // photo challenge finalists.

Apologies for the lateness of this post. It took me longer than expected to sort through all sixty-four entries. Wow, we've got some talent here, folks. No mistake.

Thank you all for joining me for February's photo challenge, and for taking the time to share your creativity + photo skills with the world. I hope you'll join us for March's challenge.

That being said, here are our twelve February finalists, plus a few favorites that I couldn't resist showcasing. The challenge for this month was to show love through black-and-white, or to capture something you personally love. Everyone did a fantastic job!

I love this tender shot. His arm about her, she leaning upon him...beautiful.

By Beth.
Um, how could you not love this little person? What an adorable face. 

By Kelsey.
What a perfect silhouette, full of joyous love. 

This picture is just so...uniquely beautiful. So full of love yet to come for a still-innocent little girl. 

By Emily.
Gorgeousness, and what a beautiful, loveable little girl! 

By Amelia.
I adore this! A paper heart, a little girl, black and white...yes. 

This is simply the sweetest. Two brothers, havin' fun and loving each other. Great shot, Mary! 

I absolutely love this unique shot. What a wonderful idea. 

Aw! This is such a sweet, gorgeous photo. Lovely work, Hannah!

"Puppy love--" one of the sweetest loves on earth. I adore this capture. 
By Jenoelle
Oh, goodness. This is just too cute. 
By Marie
Um, this = amazing. What a shot, Marie! "Love never grows old." 

And here are a few of my personal favorites from the entries this month...

Now it's up to you. Find your absolute favorite photo from the twelve above, then vote for it on the sidebar poll. Winners 1st through 5th places will be announced later this week.

Keep capturing, photogs. You are all wonderful. 



  1. these are beautiful! i would love to vote, but i don't see a poll!

  2. I love these photos! Especially the one by Marie (voted for it). By the way, I think this design is your best one yet- gorgeous! :D


  3. Black and white pictures are simply stunning. For reals. That baby has me saying "Awww!" repeatedly. Loudly.

  4. awh, why thank you! all of these are just lovely.
    ps--just for future reference, my name is spelled "Jennoelle"...with two N's. ;] hehe!

  5. Love the first three best!
    But, that baby was just too cute, I had to vote for it!

    You forgot to put Hannah E's in the poll. :-/

  6. Wow!! These are some GREAT finalists!! Congrats to all of you! This is going to be SOO hard to vote on :/

  7. oh my goodness, these are all amazing! it's wayy too hard to pick a favorite. but hey, thanks for picking me as one of yours :))

  8. What cute, fun photos! Congratulations to all the finalists! I love Neigh Girl's photo because I love anything super adorable like that freakishly cute dog. :-) You can just see the love they have for each other. :-)

  9. Lovely photos! Congratulations to all of the finalists. :-)

  10. all of these pictures were great. but i voted for the baby..for 2 reasons. 1) it is just a well taken picture and i love the sharpness of the eyes, and she is just the cutest thing.
    2) the picture of the baby is my of course im gonna vote for her=) but she really is the cutest baby on earth! GO BETH!! LOVE YOU SIS!!!! (bethie took the picture=)

  11. My favorite is by Neigh Girl. The lady + her dog stole my heart!

  12. It was very difficult trying to decide which one I was going to vote for.

    Good luck everyone!


  13. You won an award on Homemade Ministry! Go to the blog to check it out.


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