Friday, March 23, 2012

piddling about in the sunshine.

Mmmm. It's gorgeous out today. That perfect in-between-spring-and-summer temperature, the sun filtering hazily through the trees in the warm, dusky light; the distant mountains crisp and beauteous against a faded blue sky. It's a wonderful day to be alive, and a wonderful season to be reveling in. Oh, spring, I was wondering when you'd arrive!

I can hardly believe that yet another Winter is behind us. Just yesterday (and I mean this quite literally), there was snow on the ground, and a chill in the wind. This morning, the sun seems to have been reminded of her duty.

This type of weather makes me want to write poetry. Or sit at the piano with the sun pouring through the windows, singing to my heart's content. It's crazy how a bit of sun can lift your spirits.

...Speaking of crazy, that is exactly the word to describe my life right now. My weeks lately have been fringed with that busyness which you can't explain despite its all-too-true reality. My camera has even lain still for days upon end, besides a few captures of the spring world we are enraptured in today.

But Nikki will not be neglected for long; I am looking into purchasing a new lens for her. I'm pretty sure it will be the 50-mm 1.4, but I may go with a 70-mm, too. I just. need. to. save. Camera equipment is dang spendy, I've come to find. But I have several "ordered" photoshoots on the horizon that I need a better lens for, and thus I am scrimping with all my might.

By the way--if anyone is interested, I am thinking of starting up monthly advertising spots here at Lucia, Etcetera. I will get up a page, soon, but if you have a shop or simply a blog that needs a little love, rates will be low and all proceeds will go towards my new lens. ;) Just e-mail me if you're interested right now.

Also--I noticed with much awe and excitement that I am a mere four followers away from 900! Wow. And I mean, wow. I have a supercalafragilistic giveaway planned for y'all as soon as that number is reached--prizes have just been pouring in, and you will not be disappointed. I promise. There are things for the fashionista, the jewelry-lover, the gift card adorer, and the sweet tooth. ;)

So, if you care to spread the word, please do so!

And thus ends my little ramble about my utterly piddle-paddle life. How goes your's?


ps- calling all photographers! enter your best night shot in this month's photo challenge while you still can! *whispers* there's a prize...


  1. Best of luck on getting your camera lens. I have a photographer friend who upgrades her camera every couple of years so she has a lot of lenses that she has aquired over the years. She has let me borrow some of them and one, a 50-200mm, she has graciously given me. WOW! She has a couple of the same one since they came with the camera purchase a few of the times. I feel so blessed!

  2. Lovely pictures!! :D And yes, camera stuff is pricey...I'm saving for a new lens too's gonna be a long time before I get one :P Can't wait for the giveaway!

  3. Lucia, I love, love, *love*, the last photo! Dew dropets are my favorite! So beautiful. <3

    In Christ Jesus,

  4. first comment?! Score! Love that first one!! (:

  5. oooh, I can't wait till you reach 900! This will be so fun. May I suggest that you use Rafflecopter for this giveaway? It's way easier than having to comment every entry...

    Also, I absolutely love that shot of your cat's ear. I don;t even know why.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  6. Beautiful pictures. :) I love spring! ;]
    I really like the one of your cat's ears too. ;) And like Jess, I don't know why! :)

    Once again, another GREAT post. :)

    Oh, and a quick question for you... how do you lessen the space between the post title, and the date? I have looked all over, and I can't find the answer. :P

    Thanks! :)


  7. camera equipment sure is "dang spendy," haha! good luck saving up :)
    these are all gorgeous! I love the one of the cat's ear :)

  8. These photos are lovely, Lucia:)

    Have a blessed day,


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