Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day thoughts & curls.

It's Leap Day today, in case you were oblivious. The 29th of February. It'll be four years before I post on this exact date...four years. That's a long time. Where will I be, on the 29th of February, four whole years from now?

I will be twenty years old. Will I still have this blog? Maybe there won't be such a thing as "blogs" in four years. Maybe something will happen and I'll be forced to shut it down. Maybe I'll still be here, posting, on the 29th of February...four years from now.

Will I still know the same people? Maybe some friendships will slowly diminish. Maybe I'll lose contact with people I consider my closest buddies. Maybe everything will be the same.

 Will I be single? Most likely. Let's not dwell on that one for too long. ;]

 Will I still be alive?

..There are so many "maybe's," "if's," "what's," and "I wonder's" in my future. I simply have no idea what the days and years ahead hold. Probably a good thing to leave it all up to God, yes? This verse, especially, reminds me of the importance of trust.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
[Jeremiah 29:11] 

On a different, slightly spontaneous and random subject--I've always loved curls. Especially the big, bouncy ones that you can twirl around your finger.

How many of you have naturally curly hair?

I'm not raising my hand with you. I have utterly, unmistakably, ironed-out straight hair. Lately, though, I've taken to curling it. We have one of those simple, medium-barreled curling irons, and it does the job, but I have to use a lot of spray to keep in the waves. Because--yep, you guessed it: my straight-as-sticks hair is extremely wimpy when it comes to curls. At best, my hair stays curly for four hours, providing I'm not outside or running around.

Pathetic, yes. I love curly hair. Oh well. Maybe by the next 29th of February I'll be the girl with the curls? That's even less likely than me being married by next Leap Day. o.O

...But then again, you just never know. Anything can happen in four years, right?



  1. Hey Lucia, you look straight out of a princess fairy-tale with curls! Not too wild over the blog header but I admire how you follow your own tastes. (:

  2. Your hair is cute like that!
    I'm a naturally curly girl. =)

  3. Your hair looks really pretty!! Like, seriously, it looks great.(:
    I have naturally (very) curly hair actually. I've learned to love it, because it's really a blessing!

  4. Happy Leap Day, Luci! ;) I wonder where I'll be on that day. Will I still be reading your blog? Will I still be alive? Here? I'm sure I probably won't be married, since I won't even quite be twenty yet. ;) I have really enjoyed your blog. Keep it up!

    And on the curly hair subject: I'm right in there with you. I have slightly wavey hair, but for the most part it is straight. I had curly hair when I was little, but then it straightened. :\ Maybe by next Leap Year I will have curly hair again. :\

    May the LORD bless you always!
    Love you LOTS,
    Martha Joy
    Psalm 119:165

  5. It's so mysterious thinking about what I'll be doing in four years... even one year!

    Hehe, I suppose you could classify my hair as curly. Depending on how humid it is/where I am. Sometimes it will be curly, but then sometimes just wavy, and on most days, frizzy and completely unmanageable. :-P

  6. Concerning leap day, I was thinking the exact same thing.

    Concerning curls, I'm completely with you, girl friend!:D My hair is horribly straight {with a slight annoying wave} and I sometimes find myself wishing for nice bouncy curls.
    Have you ever tried curling your hair with socks? Sounds crazy, I know, but they're pretty comfy to sleep on {since sponge curlers I heard were pretty uncomfortable} and super easy giving a sweet bouncy curl that should stay all day. ;)


  7. fun post...ohh curls. I have extremely naturally curly hair that never "behaves" itself like people think it should. While it it's not corkscrew at all it is very curly. Be grateful for your straight hair. For years I wished to have straight hair. I'm finally very grateful that God made my hair and said, "very good". Just learning to be thankful every day. Some days I love it and other has it's very own mind. Finally learning to say "sorry folks but my hair is like me, not conformable" :) okay enough ramblings about curly hair... :) gotta go hydrate my curls for church... may the next Feb 29th find you stronger in the Lord Jesus and serving Him!

  8. i JUST finished writing my leap day post...great minds think alike!
    you are gorgeous, my friend!

  9. Oooh curls! I've always wanted curly hair...unfortunately I had to go through the trouble of either sleeping with bobby pins all around my head...or had my mom put curlers in my hair and then a few hours later find my hair was wavy :o[ :D

    Anyway...who knows what the next four years will bring...Only our Creator knows! :)

  10. *raises hand* I have naturally curly hair. And yes, I do enjoy it. But still it has it's minuses as well as pluses.


  11. Hehe! Your hair looks lovely curled! And trust me, speaking as someone who has naturally curly hair, you should be grateful for your straight hair. Don't get me wrong--I don't have serious issues with my hair like some girls do...but oh, what I wouldn't give for a day without frizz sometimes. (:

  12. I know, crazy to think about, right? 4 years. Wow.
    You look cute with curls! My hair is semi-straight. I get more or less natural wave sometimes, but that may or may not be because it's constantly up in a bun. :) Who knows? I am infinitely jealous of all natural curly-girls. They've got it good.

    But, I must say, there are several cool things you can do with straigh hair. For example, braids. :) The plaits are more visible when your hair is straight. So I just keep telling myself these things when I start wanting curly hair. And I keep curling my hair whenever I can. :)

    Sorry - that got a bit long! Hair is a subject I could go on and on about. :P


  13. Loved that post... kinda funny! I posted one VERY similar earlier today. ;) So true... life is passing. So it is important that we honor God every moment...those moments don't come again.

    And you look so C-U-T-E in curls!! :) When I was younger my hair was ridiculously blond and curly... now it is light brown, and all the curls are pulled out of it... well, most of them. :) My hair is about 11 inches long, but my bangs still curl crazily! ;)

    Anyway... sorry about the long comment. ;)

    -Mikailah @

  14. I love this Scripture verse, and it is such a promise when we think of the future and what God has in store for our lives.

    Lucia, you look really lovely in this picture (like always, with or without the cute curls)! I've got naturally curly hair and I LOVE it despite how it can get messy and unmanageable at times... like I can't leave it without putting it into a plait or band. Because of that, I've been straightening my hair since I was 12 years old. So my hair is a little less curly naturally then when before. Anyway, on special occasions or when we go out, I use those curling irons to put some curls into my hair and it can be real fun.

    Sweet post, thanks for sharing!
    God bless,
    ~Joy @

  15. Funny, Lord willing, in 4 years, I'll be 20 years old too!

  16. I don't have curly hair, but I curl my hair ALL the time! I use this awesome little wand! I should do a tutorial sometime....

    Oh, check out the makeover on my blog? You like? :D

  17. inspiring post, lucia! it makes me think and wonder...
    and your hair looks gorgeous with curls! i have the same problem of dead staight hair, so curls don't like my hair that much! the most i can hope for is maybe three, four hours!
    oh, and when are you going to anounce the finalists for the black and white photo challenge?
    Holly <3

  18. I hope there's still such a thing as blogs in four years... I'll be 22, and hopefully, still blogging. Still reading Lucia, Etc., too ;)

    Your hair looks great!♥ I myself am a natural wavy. If I curl my hair, it stays for awhile, but it's so thick that it soon goes back to a casual wave... Seriously, though, you're gorgeous.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

    P.S. Not to be OCD, but when I opened the page, you had 888 followers... O.o

  19. I think leap year is awesome! :-) a very special day indeed. Your hair looks so pretty, I agree, curly hair is so much fun! I have natural curls and though sometimes it is difficult to handle I really do love it! :-)

  20. So funny, I have also gotten into the curling-OCD stage.

  21. It's always interesting to try to think what things will be like 4 yrs from now.. I'll be 23 4 yrs from now :)
    I have VERY very curly hair. However, it was a straight as it could be until I hit that stage at 13. don't know where I got the gene from, as none of my family or relatives have hair as curly as mine!
    Sometimes I do wish my hair was straight, but God gave it to me.. it can be a pain sometimes though :)

  22. Seriously??? The time difference must have something to do with that. Your post didn't show up until about 6:00 my time. ;) (AZ time)

    Anyway, love your post, and your blog!! :)


  23. I did remember Leap Day because my Mommom was born on Leap Day and she only has a birthday every four years. She turned 21 yesterday. (Hey, that means that next Leap Year Mommom and I will both turn 22! Isn't that funny. I can say that I am the same age as my grandmother. :D)

    I have my hand raised! I have naturally curly hair. Just for fun one day, I took the flat ironed and flattened my hair. You see, my nieces and nephews have nicknames for me such as Hairy and my dark, long, curly hair is like my signature item. One day when they were coming over for dinner I thought it might be kind of neat to see their reactions to my straight do. I got the reaction I wanted. :) I had to use a lot of spray too and it still wanted to bound back to curls. (You look so cute in curls!)

  24. Ugh my hair is straight as ever! I love curls too but I don't curl it very often :(
    Here is a link to a website where you can make your hair curly without using a curling iron. Pretty neat!

    Happy Leap Year!(though it is March 1st today :D )


  25. Good thoughts, Lucia. Even through all our what ifs and maybes, God is in control, and when we leave everything up to Him our lives can be oh, so much simpler. :)
    Your hair looks very pretty curled, Lucia! Mine is naturally curly, but it doesn't always have those big lovely ringlets. :)
    In Christ Jesus,


  26. My hair is the exact same way! If I even try to curl it , it uncurls within an hour! All of my sisters want my absolutely no-curl straight hair, and I want their wavy and curly hair ! Yet another example of how us humans are never satisfied :)


  27. Just came across your blog and it's so cute! I'm following you now and can't wait to see what else is coming!

    Follow me at

  28. You are gorgeous with curls! (also with straight hair to) I also have solid straight hair though I LOVE curly! I curl it sometimes as well!

    Love you!



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