Saturday, March 17, 2012

ireland and then some.

It's rainy and green today. Suiting, because today happens to be Saint Paddy's Day. Am I the only blogger in the entire web mentioning this? Perhaps--ah, well. I have always loved Ireland, so I shall dedicate a few lines to its holiday. 

What is there not to love about Ireland? The cliffs, the stone fences, the mossy fields dotted with sheep, the thousand-year-old history still preserved among quaint villagers. 

I'd say I'm pretty lucky (four-leaf clover lucky, maybe?) to live in the one state that is most like Ireland. Oregon is wet, and green, and pretty--without the accents and old villages, perhaps, but still as like it as you can get. 

..Nevertheless, it is on my bucket list to visit Ireland one day; to explore the castles and crags and simply wander as a globetrotter. And I mean, seriously: 


disclaimer: that quote goes for guys and girls, just so ya know--I'll listen to an Irish lass just as long as an Irish lad. And I really never call guys "cute--" I just thought it was a pretty funny quote. :) 


  1. XD I love that picture. XD I would love to visit Ireland, too. Take me with!

  2. I would love to visit Ireland too! Oh, and that last picture? It's so true.

  3. i luv guys with accent they are more cuter:))

  4. Lol I love Ireland my sister and brother in law went there for their honeymoon.
    the pictures where ah-mazing

  5. Come to Ireland and I'll give you a grand tour! :)

  6. Those pictures are fantastic :) You are so pretty!

  7. Oh my, Lucia! That picture is too funny! I emailed that picture to my two sisters and I'm sure they will get a kick out of it!

    ~Eden (Shiloh and Bethany Strang's little sister!)

    Oh...and Happy St. Patty's day to you too!

  8. P.S. Are you Irish???!!!
    Here's a funny St. Paddy's Day joke:
    There are two kinds of people in this world:
    1. Those who are Irish...
    2. Those who wish they were!

    I'm Irish! ::sighs in relif!::

  9. I just helped two men this morning in our bookstore who were from Ireland. Yes, the accents are amazing! They were even dressed Irish, with the cap, the vest, and the knitted sweaters. I didn't realize it is St. Patrick's Day until later! :) Pretty crazy!

  10. Happy St. Patrick's day.
    Read some history about St. Patrick here:

    You are not the only one mentioning that today looked ''Irish!'' :) I did too. (on my photography blog)

    I have one question....why did you include that last quote in your post? You seem to be such a godly young lady, by your deeper posts, that I don't think that quote/thought/expression is fitting!

    Marjo B.

  11. I KNOW guys with Irish accents and they are positively awesome. =)

    This post made me smile.

  12. Ireland seems like a lovely place! I love my Irish friends too, they are great!! :-)

  13. Me, too, Lucia! I hope to visit Ireland one day! It's indeed a 'magical', mysterious, and beautiful land. If where you live is just as beautiful, it'd be nice to visit you, too, someday:)

    BTW, you were not the only one to write a post about St. Patrick's Day:) you may be interested to read my post, too:)

    God bless:)

  14. m'dear, you are just to gorgeous! love the second one! and yes, yes, yes, to the accent, though I do prefer British or Scottish accents to Irish. :)

  15. Oh Lucia, thanks for clarifying! I realized that you must have jsut been putting that quote up cause it was funny, and true, since Irish accents ARE nice. But thank you for explaining, and for putting up the disclaimer, so other girls aren't confused as well.
    Have a lovely day, yourself!

    Marjolaine B.

  16. Oh you love me!!!??? :) :) Just kidding! :) Yes I love Ireland as well though I am probably being partial sense it is my name! :) I would LOVE to go there so if you do bring me with you!!! :)

    Love you!
    ~Ireland~ *heart*

  17. I love Ireland :) I'd love to go there someday :) The music, the accents, the scenery... almost everything about Ireland is wonderful :)

  18. I sooo would like to go to Ireland! My ancestors came from Ireland. A few years ago my brother did some college courses over there and he said it was beautiful! I would love the roam the fields and run my hand along the fences. Maybe take in an Irish step-dancing show and a greyhound race. :)

    I like the pictures you took of yourself. Very pretty!

  19. I live in Oregon and have been calling it "my Ireland" the past 3.5 years. Glad someone else shares my thought! ;)

  20. you look like one of those popular girls with the nice smile all the boys would like in high school.


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