Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yes, I Have Food Memories. ❤

*sigh* you have "food memories?"


..i mean, those little special tasty items your grandmother used to make every time you visited--the peanut-butter dream cake Mrs. Jones made at the annual church potluck..that sort of stuff. the things that bring you back with each bite?

i have many such memories. one of my favorite childhood treat was a graham cracker spread with frosting. ooh, I could eat a dozen of those. ❤

what was one of your favs. that was always in the

cupboard way back when?


  1. Oo.ooh,...those look amazing!:) Hmm...the recipe for these never-failing-ly-awesome-delicious sugar cookies is still in our cabinet and we always have the ingredients to whip them up. Easy and amazing...some recipes that are the simplest are the best.:) Blessings~

  2. Apple Juice in little cans and cookies and cream ice cream! My Grandmother always made sure to have those two things when we went to visit!
    I love gram crackers and frosting!

  3. Oh yum! I've had that once before! It sounds weird, but it seriously is good! :)

  4. Yummy :)

    BTW I entered 3 of your giveaways and I gave you the link to the wrong post

    please go to this post instead:

  5. Ladies~~

    Those all sound delicious! <3


    Don't worry about it! That works! :)


  6. Greenbean casserole. ;)

    That grahm-cracker/frosting cookie looks SO good!!


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