Monday, April 25, 2011

The Big 300..Just Around the Corner?!


Did you know that I am now only eight (as of a few minutes, let's make that:) five little faces away from the big three-oh-oh? Five new friends away from the number that I thought was impossible..300.


All I can say is..I am so very blessed! Blogging has become one of my very favorite when-I-have-a-speck-of-time activities, and it makes it so much more worthwhile when I have a little group to share my excitements, joys, sorrows, and findings with.

My string of giveaways has been such a success..I don't even know where to begin in thanking my participants and sponsors! Only know this: your face and name being up there ^^ on that list makes me uber happy. Let me say it: I loves yoouu. Yep, I do. <3 Each and every one.

Most sane people would do a huge giveaway when they reached a ginormous thing like 300, but as it is I already did my bash in time for spring and 250. Because the truth is, I really didn't think I would actually make it to 30 when I started this little blog, exactly one year and four months ago. So, you will understand why I truly believed, only a few months ago, that I would never, ever, ever in a million years make it to 300.

So, this is a full-of-delight-and-surprise "thank you" post.

Thank you, followers, for your support of myself and this blog.
Thank you for your time spent commenting, actually clicking the button to follow, and encouraging and lifting me up.
You are my buddies. I couldn't do this without you.




So. ..I feel like I'm letting a big number go unnoticed, but I don't think a giveaway for 300 would really be necessary, after this huge, long over-a-week-long of giveaways.

But let me tell you: if and when it's 350 (okay, since I am only 10 away from that number as of 4/ give myself longer than a three day break, I really need to make that:) 400 time, it's partaayy time. A.k.a., big bash time. :)

 Yeeeahhh..this is totally what my mind is thinkin' of... *wink*


  1. Oh, Lucia! That's great that you're almost to 300 followers!! I have certainly been blessed by your lovely blog--it is always so encouraging and fun to read. :)

    So congrats!!

    {this post is sooo sweet, btw!}

    <3 a sis in Christ,

  2. Thank YOU for such a wonderful blog for us to follow!! ♥

    And i thought 60 was a big number! lol

  3. Congrats my dear! Know to get my GFC up to 100! I'm almost to 300 twitter followers. Too bad, I can't get my GFC to be the same! :/

  4. Oh Lucia,

    I absolutely love your blog. It is such an encouragement and I'm so glad that you can reach such a big milestone. Even though I don't know you, I feel as though i do. You are a wonderful woman of Jesus.

    Love You!


  5. Awwww...I love everything about your blog, Lucia! You are an inspiration to me and a very beautiful young lady...inside and out. ;-)


  6. Hurray for you! I love reading your blog. <33 You always have such encouraging posts.


  7. You made it, Lucia-- Congrats!! Can't believe you have 27 more followers than yesterday. ;)

    <3 Moriah

  8. Thanks so much, Ladies. You are so kind!

    Moriah~~haha, I know! Totally didn't expect that..:) What a blessing! <3

    ~Miss Lucia


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