Friday, April 1, 2011

Apple Pie Day~~

Yesterday was "Apple Pie Day" at our state capitol.

{Singing in the choir on the capitol steps; I'm circled in red..:)}

...What is "Apple Pie Day," you ask?

{The view from the top of the building}

..Well, here, there is a week in March that is designated by out governernor as "Home Education Week," and every other year hundreds of families take a trip to the capitol to say, "Thanks for allowing us to continue to educate our children as we see fit." We bring our county senators/represenatives home-baked apple pies, too {hence the name}! :)

{Olivia and I playing background music in the Galleria}

This is our..oh, goodness, probably fourth time coming (I was nine when we first attended), but we have never "participated" as much as we did this year. Olivia and I were "guides--" helping to show families around/to correct buildings, etc. We also auditioned to play background music for the capitol workers in the Galleria--and we got in, so we did that..."Oh Danny Boy" (LOVE that song!!), "Be Thou My Vision," and "The Lover's Waltz." Olivia just got a mandolin, but has already picked up on it {as she already knows the guitar}, so she played that.


..Also, we took a tour of the building, and met our county's rep. and senator.

{With our senator}

{Our friends the B. children taking their turn as well in the Galleria}
...Then, we were in the "all-state" choir, singing some patriotic songs on the capitol steps. :)

{Can you spot me? ;) And YES, I did go to alot of trouble to just color the roses..take it in, folks, take it in!}

{The cherry trees were blooming in the capitol's park!}

{At the very  top of the capitol--the "Tower!"}

{The whole group}

...And then, there was a time for just random photography..:D

{The blossoms were GORGEOUS!}

...There was a "planned parenthood" ralley going on at the same time as the choir/speeches outside the capitol. :( Friends, please be praying for our country. We are going downhill, fast, and I'm afraid the bump at the end is not going to be pretty.

..But, let's not let that dampen our spirits, because we DO know for sure that our LORD is in control. Praise Him for that! <3


Have a blessed day in Christ..


  1. Great post, Lucia! Your posts always make me happy! :) Lovely job coloring the roses! ;) How did you do that? =/ I can never seen to figure out how to color just one thing... :( You are so beautiful. :) You took some lovely photos, also! :)


  2. Hey, that is such a thoughtful idea, Lucia! I bet you had a good time participating in it! =) You live in Oregon, am I right?

    I love the pictures of the flowers. Beautiful.

    Were you at all nervous playing the piano? Even if it was background music, it can sometimes be a little scary. I bet the songs you played with your sister were lovely! Isn't it fun to play instruments with siblings and friends?

    I understand your frustration about the planned parenthood rally. When I was at TeenPact (ever heard of it?) it was National Prayer Week and we went to the rally at the capital. All around us were people holding signs who were against prayer. It was very saddening to see, but it was good to pray for them, as I am sure many were doing.

    But like you said, God is in control, and what a great peace there is with that knowledge! =)

    Well, I truly hope you are having a good day and week, Lu! I just want to let you know that you are a lovely girl with a lovely blog! God bless you! <3


  3. THAT"S AWESOME (: I'm in a Youth Chorus; and we are in a festival on April 10!!!(: I'm also playing the flute in District Band this year...(: But I'm so jealous of y'all getting to sing at the capitol!!! :D :D lol. :D

    God Bless.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I love your posts... they are always so cheery! Thanks for the little reminder at the end: the Lord is in control!

    By the way, fabulous job coloring those roses (I sure couldn't do it)!

  5. hi there!!!!
    what an amazing blog...
    if you want we could follow each other....let me know...

  6. Thank you for sharing your day through the great photos! :)

  7. I love this pictures!! What camera do you have? What a fabulous day to have :)I love that we have the freedom to homeschool!

  8. Just saw this post... and believe or not... I was there! I'm in your choir picture... I'm the one with glasses and bangs at the top right. Haha, we have also attended apple pie day since I was nine, and I just LOVE having the opportunity to play the piano each time we go. This is just too funny. I know you from English Country Dancing AND Apple Pie Day.. and I've never had the chance to give you a quick hug. ;) Hahaha, I hear there's a ball coming up in January... I hope we'll be able to meet up there. ~HUGS~


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