Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Updates All Around...

Oh, goodness. I just want to take a break from all this giveaway stuff and act like a *real* blog! :) Heavens, no, I'm not against giveaways. Far from it. ;) But my little blog is getting to feel like a always-advertising-and-posting-pictures-of-things-I-can't-have sort of blog. That doesn't go to say I don't want every single thing my Etsy sponsors create. But a blogger gets tired of it at some point, ya know? Not to mention I've lost three followers in two days. One in the last hour. That could getcha down for a spell, huh?

...But, I refuse to dwell on it. Life is happy. The sun is shining. I am loved. :)


So let me fill you in.

Yesterday was our annual trip to Seattle, WA. we boarded a lovely little train, and took off across the rainbow. It was a heavenly ride--I do so enjoy trains. Gliding along at a regular speed, relaxing in comfy seats with friends {not to mention the fact that there was a baby to hold...if you know me, then you know babies are my weakness. Hehe!}...pure bliss! Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures of the trip. :( You will just have to rest in the belief that "words are worth a thousand pictures." That also goes the other way around, I know...:/

When we arrived in Seattle, {my sister} Olivia and I and our friend Chrissy M. traipsed through the Seattle streets (by ourselves, no less! All horrors!) to board the Bambridge Island ferry. It's a tradition. I also love boats and being on the water (despite my fear of sharks and dark, deep, icy, murky seas. I wouldn't have done well on the Titanic. :P). It was a glorious ride, with the wind in moiy hair and the salt sea breeze. We embarked upon the island, and explored for an hour before catching the ferry back. Once again in Seattle, we met up with the family and friends and took a stroll down to Pike's Place, an outdoor daily farmer's market. We purchased some icecream (I got raspberry sorbet..I also have a weakness for sorbet..), and before long it was time to return to the train station. I passed the return trip snoozing (eww, I hate that word, why did I use it?) and holding a baby. I was in heaven. :D

{On a misc. bridge on the island...me looking at another camera..yup, I'm kewl like dat. :)}

Sound fun? :) Ooh, it was. It was..<3

Washington seems to be my destination this month, because at the end of April, we are going to be attending the Christian Heritage Conference in Redmond. I am *so* excited. I mean, you have no idea...the Botkin family will be some of the featured speakers (yes, I am bringing my "So Much More" copy to be autographed!!), NOT TO MENTION that my sweet, sweet dear friends and pen-pals of two years will be there...the H. Ladies. We have never met. We are ecstatic. <3

April has been a glorious month for me. Now, back to my overload of school...Oh, and before I go:

..I made a facebook page for this lil ol' blog! Thought it was about time. :) But, see the "fan" status? It says..could it be?...NONE. :( ..But you, my dear friends, can change that..*wink*

Love y'all!



  1. I am glad that you are doing well, and that you had a nice time in Washington!
    I'm sure you will have a delightful time at the conference! The Botkin ladies are SO sweet!

    Many Blessings,

  2. I wish I had time to enter the giveaways, but sadly do not. Anyway, if your tired of hosting them all the time, then simply quit. (Gracie"s good advise. Hmm... Do I feel another blog coming on? LOL! JK! JK!) I know how you must feel, I'd rather do a giveaway once in awhile, not simply all the time.

    Sorry about your followers who left you. That's never fun at all, Lu. But know that I'LL never ever stop following my dearest darling twin! <3

    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! And know I love you SOOOOO much! <3 <3

  3. Thank you for the update, Lucia! Wow, it sounds like you had a grand time in WA! :) Oh that's so neat that you're going to get to see the H. ladies! I corrispond with Emily H., so that's sort of neat. :) Please tell them hi for me! :)

    Martha Joy

  4. Sounds like you had a great time in WA! :)


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