Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Newest Idea!

~~ If you recall my mentioning in my last post, I *so* enjoy, and love-over fonts. =)

~~ I could scroll through fonts all day, if it were possible...<3

~~ But. To the point!

Every good blogger needs a pretty signature, aren't I right? =) It just...adds so much to your post, and who you are! I always love it when bloggers end their posts with a flourishing sig, or a whimsy one, or something cute and simple.


~~I'll get to be making fun FREE signatures {or anything else simple you need} for you to enjoy! I don't, of course, have loads of time, and thus {also, since it's free}, I will not be availabe ALL the time, lickety-split. But, I will get your "orders" to you as soon as possible, and each signature will be made with utmost care, love, and uniqueness--with you in mind. =)

~~ I will be opening up a seperate page on here shortly, with all the info you need. It will be pretty fact, I'll explain here, too!


{Send me an e-mail at}

{...with this information filled out:}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your name: ______________________________

Your e-mail address: ______________________

Your blog address: ________________________

What do you want your sig. to say? __________

Colored Font {underline}? Yes  or   No

{If yes} Specific color for font? ______________

Preferred font? {no gurantee} _______________

Large, medium, or small? __________________

Do you want an additional illustration/3D design? {underline which}

         No      Yes, but surprise me!   or    Yes, I want  ______________________

Any other details? _________________________________________

....Spread the word, if you'd like! I can't wait to get to work...I already have, actually. Here are some samples of signatures I've done in the past for friends and fellow bloggers. Get some ideas for your own!

{Click for a larger view}

...So, what are you waiting for? Order YOUR free, custom, *cute* signature today, and spice up those posts! =D


  1. Oooo! Great idea Lucia! That sounds great! I will be ""ordering" one in the near future :D
    God bless!

  2. Oh wonderful!! They look fabulous, and that is such a good idea! =) I myself might be ordering in the future.. it would be great fun!

    Have a great night,
    And God bless,


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