Monday, September 20, 2010

"Fall Mood" Giveaways--Hurrah!

Two lovely giveaways are going on in the blogger world just in time for Fall! With many fantastic "winnings" to be gotten.

First of all, we have Miss Awel over at My Designer Girl's celebration of her two year designer blog anniversary. Wow--two years making absolutley gorgeous designs! Congratulations, Awel. And what it she offering? Take a look!


..I, for one, am very excited about that!Just click on the button to see how YOU can get a chance at that. :)

Next, we have Miss Lindsay over at Content in Christ's guest giveaway: a lovely "brown sugar" fall scarf from Natashja's shoppe, and a pair of pretty earrings from Andria's shoppe. Wow--two in one! Head on over to Lindsay's place to enter, and see photos of the giveaway items.

~I can't wait to see who all wins these lovely giveaways, can you? ;)

Miss Lucia 


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