Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Good Update for Ya'll! =)

It has been a good while since I did a really "around the home post," hasn't it? I know, I know...I haven't much to write about that would REALLY interest you, but, I will have a shot at it anways. ;)

Much has been occurring these past weeks, but I'll just fill you in on the past few days. Unfortunately, we are still in the dark about the whereabouts of our sad little camera, =( and thus I have no entertaining photos to share. *watches as half of her followers depart* ..I hope a few long posts will make up for that, and perhaps a couple of old{er} photos..? *hopeful face* =D

..Yesterday {Saturday}, we took a little road trip to visit some friends of ours. They live wayy out thar, and though it was a rather long drive it was fun to see all the pretty scenery/animals grazing along the roadside. :) Around 12:30, we arrived at their lovely home, just in time for lunch--which we ladies helped to finish preparing. While we were waiting for things to bake, Liv and I went out to the barn and got to feed their horse, "Jazz-" such a sweetie! <3 We spent a little while in the pasture, petting and feeding/leading her around, wishing we could ride, too, all the while! ;) Alas, the lady that actually owned her wasn't home, and so we had to be satisfied with a "next time." =)

After a delicious lunch of casserole, salad, fruit, and spicy muffins, we all hiked down the road to a little waterfall, and "explored" along the creek. We then decided to pile in the car and visit a LARGER waterfall a few miles away. That was beautiful--there is nothing that compliment's God's creativity and majesty more than a waterfall, secluded and surrounded by greenery! We spent a lot of time there, having a dinner of roasted hot dogs by the water, and then had to get back on the road for the long ride home.

Today was Sunday, and church. After the service and potluck (we have one every week at our church), we spent some time with a friend, carrying around a darling little baby and fighting over her most of the time. ;) Now, it is almost 5:00 and Liv and I just took a long walk down country roads, and made a blackberry cobbler out of the ones we picked on our way. In a few moments, our family is going to a nearby church for a missionary potluck; to hear a couple speak about their mission field in China. That should be wonderful!

Here are a few miscellaneous photos from months past--before our camera disappeared (*sob*)!:

My friend Ashleigh L. and I at a state Cross Country meet!

Our "wild kittens" that we found last year...all off to good homes, now, excpet for the one we kept, "Roo."

Mom and Dad two years ago..

Liv and I, Christmas 2009!

..Hope you enjoyed that little update! Have a wonderful evening--we're off to the potluck! <3

Miss Lucia


  1. Awww, sounds like ya'll had a great couple o' days!! Thanks for the cute update--love the photos!


  2. Fun, fun!!! Great post and pix..=)

    In HIM,

  3. Coolness! I love "update" posts, lol. Good job--looks like you had fun!! I love horses...I have one named "Jess.." =D


    P.S. (You and your friend are sooo gorgeous!!) =D

  4. Oh, I really enjoyed the update, Lucia! It sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend :) Hope y'all find your camera soon. ;D


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