Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Family Sketch {Somewhat}.

....Isn't it kwoote? *loves* =)

I had fun making this lil "family tree" over here today! And isn't it adorable? And I just love the font {I'm a junkie for good fonts...swirly...curly...whimsy..elegant...you've got me!} I decided that, since it was so much fun, I would make an "outline" {welll, several outlines...hehehe} of even my 'extended' family for ya'll! No, it won't be boring, because ya'll know that you just love to gaze upon my "familys'" adorable, scetched faces...hmm. Don't mind me, just a little...happy, here! =D

..But seriously, why can't I resist this??!! I mean, it's just a dinky lil online thing-o-majig called Widdly Tinks (*diez at the cuteness of the name*) that lets you create silly little family things that are the cutest things in the world with pretty font and custom design for free and they only take about two minutes to make and--and--and---......uh. Break! TIME to show you moiy masterpieces. Heeheehee....=D

..Dontcha love it? ;)

...I didn't get into the cousins, as that would take all day even with this snazzy lil fast thing. =D But...if you get the chance, do try it! You could mayeb even print it out for a card, or something.

<3 Pardon this silly little post...will you, my dear readers? <3


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog... I love your little sketches! Widdly Tinks are a lot of fun to make! :)

    Many Blessings,

  2. How CUTE!!! :-D And I lawf your new signature, as well. :-)
    It's been too long since I last commented here, dear Lu! :-( But here is a comment, so all the world is well again. ;-)
    Danke for your comment on my blog! Actually... *whispers* dearie, I invented the recipe. Aye, "Snicketdoodles" are Taylor's thing, but I was the one that made the recipe for her. Hehe. So, yes, I've had them even before I met The Girls. So. *angelic smile*

    Love you!! <3


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