Saturday, September 11, 2010

...Are You a TRUE Friend??

A True Friend...

...Gives instead of takes. Instead of always thinking of yourself and your feelings/preferences, ask your friend what they would like in the questionable matter.

...Looks past faults. Don't focus on your friend's flaws--more than likely YOU have just as many! =) Instead, focus on her talents and good traits, always striving to compliment her and uplift her.

...Doesn't love when fame strikes. Don't be a fickle friend! Many people ignore others until the one in question is suddenly featured/popular, and THEN shows favoritism. Bad idea!

...Refuses to assume. Many friendships are broken because of misunderstandings and "assumed" faults that were never there. Don't constantly say, "Did I offend you somehow? What have I done? Why were you so quiet yesterday?"...Chances are it's all in your imagination! =D

...Is ready to forgive and forget. If there is a quarrel, don't let the sun go down on your anger.  Be there for her and assure her of your forgiveness, even if it doens't go vice-versa.  

...Stands up for what's right. Don't back off if your friend is being made fun of. That's not true friendship!

...Is always a friend. Turning a stiff shoulder to your friend one day and talking warmly to her the next is confusing, and draws you apart.

...Always inludes. If you have many friends, one or two might feel left out at a gathering, or if one of your other friends is especially controlling. Make an effort to include ALL, and give hugs and invitations to next fun times all around!

...Controls her tongue. Bite back stinging remarks and put-downs, even if they are deserved. You both will regret it in the end, and it stirs up hornets' nests! =9

...Prays for her friends. Ask the LORD what you can do to strengthen your friendships, and heal broken bonds, while at the same time honoring Him in all you do and say to your friend.

"A friend loves at all times..."
{Proverbs 17:17}


  1. Good post, Lucia!
    Friends and such a special blessing. =)


  2. That was a very sweet post! Good job! ;)


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