Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Song Do You Sing?

...You're just gonna stand there and watch me cry?
Well that's alright because I like the way you lie...

Do you ever write songs?
..Just, you know, to write them?

You know they're terrible, you know you could never make anything off of them, and you would die before showing them to anyone, but they reflect what your heart is singing, and so, you write them.

If this is the case, then you are a songwriter. Just like me. :) I've written a few songs in my liftetime--mostly in the form of poems which I have yet to set to music, but nevertheless, they are songs.

Most people write songs about heartbreaks and boyfriends and being dumped and oh-I-hate-you-so-much stuff. The above lyrics are from that type of song--*"I Like the Way You Lie."* (Please see disclaimer below...I do not endorse this song!) 


Well, sometimes, it's tempting to want to pour all of your "grouchyness" out onto a sheet of paper. It makes you feel good to spill out the things that have gone wrong, the things that you are fuming about, the people you aren't feeling kindly toward at the moment. :) Afterall, that's how most of the big singers make their money--by complaining through their lyrics. It's what we want to hear, because somehow, knowing that another person is going through exactly the same things as us makes us feel better.

If you write songs and poetry and all that good stuff, and find yourself pouring self-pity into your works, I have a suggestion to make:

Why not write about Jesus, and the heartbreaks He's fixed within you?

*Note on the lyrics used at the beginning of the post: I do not in any way endorse this song, I simply heard the chorus awhile back and have no idea if it's an "okay" song or not. My guess is that it isn't--I just used it to illustrate the point.*


  1. That song you used is such a catchy song that I often find myself singing along to, but not at all a "good" song... lol. But yes, I love songwriting. Although I am almost as good at is as I am with singing... which isn't saying much at all. ;)

    I think of songwriting as a diary. It doesn't have to be perfect, just whatever is on your heart - whether it is a praise to God, or a crying out to God, or about something you've learned recently. I think songwriting is beautiful.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. I do this, in the form of poems too. I find the best works are the ones from your heart with lots of feelings and emotion. Great post! :)

  3. Yes, I love to write songs too! It is so much fun. :)

    {Btw: That was so neat what Tessa Emily said about thinking of songwriting as a diary}

    Beautiful post, Lucia!


  4. Amen to what you said, I totally agree with you. No, that song is not a good song...and I also think that we should fill our minds with more good, pure Christian songs and if we write them, to write about what Christ has done with our lives, like you said. Thank you for writing this, I as well, need to work on writing more Christ-center things and not pouring out writing on my own grouchy-ness and self pity...which I tend to do often. God bless~ <3

  5. Wonderful post!

    (And yes the song lyrics that you used at the beginning is not to a good fact the lyrics don't even make sense!)


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