Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Springy-Spring-Springa," She Eees Here! :)

{Photo credit, my sister Olivia}

...Annnd, if you could decipher my title, I congratulate you. :) Yeppers, I *love* Miss Spring {a.k.a., "Springy-Spring-Springa"}. Not as much as Summer. Singing praises of Summer would take all day. But, I love Spring, and I make sure that when Spring comes around, she knows that I love her, too.

Hence the Spring-y outfit, hence the daffodil photo shoot, hence the post dedication.


..Still with me? Good. Now, let's do a victory parade whilst the seasons-who've-passed-away watch in envy. :)

Remember him?:

Yes, Mr. Winter. Well, he snuck out the back door while there was still time. Lucky for her, Miss Spring slipped in when he wasn't looking, right behind him through the door he opened.

..and remember him?:

..Right. Mr. Fall. He has been gone on vacation a good while now, and though we liked his prettyness while he lasted, I say, "Good riddance!"

..Now, you all should have seen a bit of her by now, wherever you live:

❤ ..Welcome back, dear Spring!.. ❤

I have waited for you, and my feet are itching to be free.. :)



  1. Oh yes, I am so happy it is spring now, and we all get to break out the nice short sleeve shirts and light pretty skirts. It's about 80 degrees today, so I get to wear my 'bobby-sockers' bright green skirt and white shirt, oh happy day! =) It would be a wonderful present if Miss Spring decided to visit me on my birthday (4 days away! =D). I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather: sun shining, blossoms blooming, birds singing, and all sorts of beautiful things! =)

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. Oh yes, Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year!! We've gotten a taste of it a few days but, its back to rainy and cold!! It shall be here soon enough!! I hope the weather is treating you better where you are :D <3

  3. I am so enjoying Miss Spring right now!! She is showing her beautiful face right now where I live too. :)

    Lovely post, dear friend!


  4. Your boots are so pretty {and look pretty cozy}! I too am excited for spring, but we mostly go from winter to summer with like a day of spring:(
    Great post, thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

  5. So glad spring is officially here! I welcome it with open arms! Though over here it doesn't feel like it yet. Nice photos! :)

  6. A merry spring to you, Miss Lucia!:)
    What a lovely view of spring you have from your umbrella;). Soon you will be having to switch your winter umbrella with a nice, light pink spring one {with lots of lace;)}.

    Many Blessings, dear!
    ~Miss Grace~
    The Keeper of the Garden @

    P.S. I LOVE your blog!;)


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