Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" Barn Dance Attire!


I am so excited. I mean, really excited. You know: that excitement that comes with a once-in-a-life-time experiance that you know is going tobe loads of fun no matter what happens?

Yup. You guessed it. No, you didn't..because I haven't updated you on it for a good while, so you most likely have forgotten. I'll give you three hints:

~Puffy dress

..Oh, wait. I forgot about my title. :P So, you already know. But I shall refresh your memory, anyways...

It's only two days until the "Seven Brides for even Brothers" themed barn dance!

..You're probably going, "Wha..? I didn't even know this was coming up!" Well, hehe, I didn't want to tell ya'll all about it until I had finished my dress. =D

..Some of you may remember my mentioning a "regency dress" I was making for an up-coming "regency ball." Well, as it turns out, the ball is not to be regency themed, but "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" themed! How amazing is that? I mean, c'mon--who doesn't L.O.V.E. the adorable film? I just saw it this past month for the first time, and thought it was the cutest thing ever.

And the dresses?! Don't get me started..:)

Despite the change in theme, I was going to be wearing the white regency dress I am currently making. Until I saw the movie, that is. First of all, I am not about to dance around a barn dressed like a British Jane Austen. Second..I'm not near being done with that dress. So, plan B had to come into action.

Introducing: my closet. I threw a few things together...a ragged jumper, a vintage blouse of my great-grandmother's, and two {yes, *two!*} puffy under-wedding-dress skirts, and..that's it! Here is the result..all I had to do was hem the jumper, patch {er, quite a few} holes, and wash and bleach the blouse and skirt:

..And pardon the horrible background. Done at night, in bedroom..not the best photogenics in there. :D

Anyways. It is reeeeeally fun to wear {though I don't know how I'm going to fit in a van with seven other girls for two hours}, and I know it doesn't look exactly like the ladies in the movies' dresses, but..whatevah. I like it! What about you? Do you suggest anything else that might authenticate the outfit?

Soo..the dance is in a barn, as stated. It is hosted by a local ECD (English Country Dancing) no, I cannot dance. And yes, I will try to find a better hairstyle for the dance other thah a plain old pony tail. And yes, don't worry, I shall post MANY pictures of the event after it has come to pass. *And,* YES, I will keep working on my regency dress and hopefully have a few pictures to show you of that sometime, too.

I can't wait! I've never been to a dance before..and I haven't gotten to dress this old-fashioned for such a long time!


Cheers, m'darlings! Till another day. May the God of Peace be with you !


  1. It looks darling, Lucia! A barn dance sounds like tons of fun. I've done come Contra Dancing, similar to ECD, and it's so much fun! I'm sure you enjoy it as well.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures from the event!

  2. Sounds like fun! And your costume is amazing!

  3. I LOVE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! It sounds like you are going to have so much fun. Aren't those seven guys the strongest people you've ever seen? Well, besides Gene Kelly. Oh, yes, if you are wowed by the very athletic barn dance in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, watch this! Tireless Gene Kelly.

    I hope you have lots of fun!


    P.S. Which brother do you like the best? I like Frank. Adam or Gideon is my second favorite, though.

  4. That sounds real fun, Lucia! I like your dress too. ;)

  5. Oooh, Lu!! I love that outfit! I've only seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers once, a couple years ago...I need to see it again. :-P Have fun dancing! :-D


  6. Gorgeous! Pretty lady and pretty dress!
    God bless~

  7. Ohh Lucia! THAT IS SOO CUTE!!!!

  8. Oh wow, Lu! I'm so very, very excited for you! I'm getting excited and I'm not even the one going. LOL! =P

    But that is GREAT news, and the dress? *whistles* Totally gorgeous! And that beautiful face of yours makes it shine even the more! =)

    I went dancing when I was really little, so I do know ONE dance, but I want to go to a real dance someday really soon. You know, since I'm older. =P

    Anyway, dancing is my total favorite hobby! I could do it all day long! And I hope you have a total BLAST! Dances are fun, but a barn dance? Wow girl, your really blessed! <3 There's something about dancing in a barn that makes it special. You really feel as if your in those "Olden days" =)



  9. Wow! You're going to have a BLAST, Lucia!!! I love the dress, too! So cute!

    Looking forward to pictures!!

  10. My friends went to that ECD ball! My family wanted to go, but it was too far... Your dress is lovely!

  11. A barn dance?? FUN!!! Yes, you must tell us all about it!!


  12. What a lovely dress! I love it!

    I wish my area had balls I long to learn dances and do some dancing! =)


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