Wednesday, December 28, 2011

days of sunshine, days of rain.

"The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. 
Eventually." -A.A. Milne

I trust everyone had a lovely Christmas~ I know I did. It was jolly and warm and cozy, and everything Christmas should be--except, without the snow. No white Christmas, no midnight snowy walks, no glittering avenues...but being a North-westerner, that was no surprise. It rains here. A lot.

And rains.
And rains.
And rains.
And rains.

...and shines for a good part of the year, enough for us to recover from our drowned state, then

rains again.

..You would think I must hate it, but I don't. Rain is refreshing, even as much as I see it, and though I am not a fan of floods and water damage and all that yucky stuff that comes with excess rain, I don't pout about it. I guess I'm just used to it. 

The photos above ^ were taken Christmas Day, during a break in the weather. See how dry and..Fall-ish everything looks? A 'green Christmas' isn't terribly romantic; one of my dreams is to go sleigh riding some Christmas "over the river and through the woods." 

How is the weather in your corner of the world? And what did you get for Christmas?
Just because I like to know, which is just because I'm weird like that. =D


  1. FL has green winters as well! No snow for is poor folks. At least, I think we're bad off, Mama thinks we're lucky. lol

    Your umbrella is super cute!

    And so is your new design. :-)

  2. Hey Lucia! Merry Christmas! I had a lovely Christmas... did you? We've been having a lot of rain where I live too (and definitely no snow since it is summer anyway!) but right now it is quite sunny and warm which is nice :).

    Oh, it would be so nice if you could stop by my blog sometime! My blog has been redesigned since you last saw it I think ;).
    Many blessings in Christ,

  3. P.S. that picture with you and your umbrella is lovely!!!

  4. Hi Lucia! :)

    Love those pictures!! Gorgeous... I like the one of you and the umbrella. CUTE!

    Awww... too bad you didn't have a White Christmas. :( We had 9 inches of snow! Which is mostly melted by now... :P

    Glad your Christmas was blessed; as was mine. :)

    In Christ,

  5. I ADORE your scarf, and that umbrella picture. Love it! And in answer to your questions:) In my little corner of the world, It is pretty dry, and kinda cold, but not a lot, just a bit. And I got a Tim Tebow Jersey, some t-shirts and a GPS for Christmas :) What did you get?

    Thanks for always having super uplifting posts that make me smile :)
    Libbi H.

  6. It's raining at my house too! ;)

  7. We got snow just a few days before Christmas! Not much, but enough to cover everything so it was quite lovely! :) :)

  8. Here in England it is rainy and windy :)no surprise really :D lol.I LOVE the rain!
    Christmas was usual

    God Bless,

    p.s. Happy New Year!

  9. We had a "brown" Christmas this year, so you're not alone on that. ;)

    My Christmas went very well, I got a couple of things for my camera and a couple sets of jewelry, but other than that, it was good. :)
    Glad to know that you had a lovely Christmas too!

  10. It snowed just a little bit the day AFTER Christmas. :)
    Lovely, gorgeous photos!!

  11. It has also been pouring cats and dogs here. I am glad you had a wonderful christmas :)

  12. We had a green Christmas too. So I feel your pain! ;)

    Let's see. I got books, a shawl, books, money, and some running clothes. And more books.

  13. it was dry & rainy until yesterday,it has snowed and don't think it's melting this time ;)

  14. We didn't have snow or rain on Christmas day this year. It was pretty warm for Christmas here in my little corner of the eastern US, about 50. Of course, a few days later when we were trying too get out and do some after Christmas visiting we got a big rain. I don't mind rain if I am indoors looking out but if I am outdoors in it I don't care for it too much.

    Your umbrella and scarf are so cute! I love them. I was looking at that first picture in the post and you look so much like my friend Danica. She lives in the other side of the country and I haven't seen her in ages.

  15. I love rain. Rainy days make me happy. The end.

    PS. I loveth your umbrella!!

  16. We had a white Christmas... sort of... usually, we have like a foot of snow, but this year, there was barely a half-inch... and now it's all gone...
    And I got a Kindle for Christmas!! I never thought I'd like one (I love the feel of a good book) but it is really really cool, and I love it.

  17. Really like the umbrella!! I really need to get a cute one. :P

    Christmas was good for us...kinda quiet, laid back, but lovely at the same time. We ate tons of food, watched movies, opened presents, etc...

    ~Miss Raquel

  18. Haha, in Oregon, that is a normal winter. All rain and sun ;)

  19. You are adorable! :)
    I really like the rain, although I wish it would snow more where I live.

    I got a bunch of cool camera stuff for Christmas - go figure! :)

  20. How on earth did you get over 700 followers?

    your blog is so sweet..I am guessing thats why :)

  21. I love the picture with you and your umbrella! I also want your scarf!

    Love you!

  22. Merry {belated} Christmas to you, Lucia! Here in North Carolina, we didn't have a white Christmas either. It was around 50ish degrees...not very cold, but better than what we expected (the forecast called for a relatively warm day).

    Beautiful photos, my friend! I take it you are enjoying your D3100?

    Happy 2012!

  23. Where I live we get brown Christmas' :)

    Please check out my blog at:



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