Thursday, February 3, 2011

You Know You Love Gum When..

~You post about it.~


This is a silly, random post, only reccomended for silly, random people {and those who love gum}. Proceed at your own risk..

I was chewing a piece of gum today. {In fact, I have so far chewed several pieces of gum today. I am the type of girl who is in love with many things--one of which is gum.} As I chewed, relishing in the sweetness of sugar free-ness, and savoring the unique flavor {which I shall get to in a moment}, the thought popped into my head that I should post about it. Gum, that is.

..And now you are laughing. Well, at least smiling. And if you aren't smiling, I wonder what type of a person you are...for everyone knows that this is the silliest thing in the world to post about. I mean, GUM?! The thing everybody has. The thing that you put in your mouth to disguise the fact that you didn't brush your teeth yet today. The thing that you find in little squashed polka dots all over city sidewalks. The thing that every girl has probably had in her hair at one time or another. The thing that causes you much embarrasment in the fancy restaurant, when you realize you stuck your abc piece on the plate in full view.

..But, I am getting entirely beside the point. You see, gum has an entirely new meaning to me. It isn't merely a thing I take for granted, but something that brightens my whole day the instant I unwrap the silvery wrapper and fold the contents into my mouth..

..and now I get to the actual purpose of this post. If you can call it that.

Have you tried the new Extra Dessert Gum?

{I know, you're probably shaking your heads and saying, "What?? All of this rigamarole and this is what it all comes down to?" Well, all I can say is...}  

~It's delicious!~

..And, being the said gum-aholic, I have already tried every flavor {which, sadly, as of yet there are only three}:

~First, there's the utterly mouth-watering:~
..Which I can safely say is my absolute favorite.

~Then, comes the delectable:~
Which I can safely say is my second favorite.

~Lastly {and in my opinion leastly}, there is the cool and delightful:~
..Can you guess? My third favorite! ;)


..I am, at the moment, chomping on a Mint Chocolate Chip piece. Better than the real thing, I think.



  1. I love gum too! I'm so glad I can have sugar free kind with braces. =D I'll have to try the new desert kind! I always get plain mint and thought that the desert kind was tacky, but I'll try it!

  2. Lucia, you never fail to make me laugh! Gum is certainly delicious, and I actually have the Strawberry Shortcake and Keylime Pie gum in my purse! :)

    Many Blessings,

  3. I really like gum too (but chewing gum makes my mom go BANANAS so we don't have it very often) I am actully very picky about gum. I don't like fruit gum or dessert gum. I only like mint, spearment, cinamon ect. My sisters do like first and second one a lot. I think chocolate mint icecream would taste THE BEST! But, not in gum...:D But everyone has there diffrencees you know.?. :D have a good time chewing away!

  4. Hahaha! Great post here, Lucia! I rather liked it, and am a very silly person, so it fit in my category splendidly. ;D

    I've tried the new "Strawberry shortcake" gum myself, and am desperately in love with it. =P Its so D.E.L.I.O.U.S. =D

    And to let you on a little secret... I love gum just as much as you as well. hehe! ;D

  5. Just bought some of that gum at the drugstore the other day! It is delish! Great for people on a diet. (I am not on a diet, though :)

  6. It is amazing! I feel like I'm in Charlie and the Chocolate factory whenever I chew it, the Key Lime Pie is my fav!

  7. I've had the Strawberry Shortcake (Real good!) and Key Lime(ummm... not so good), but I didn't try the choc. chip mint (I don't like mint). My favorite gum right now is trident wild blueberry twist. In fact, I just went and grabbed a piece because just writing about it makes my mouth water :). I love gum! Trident Strawberry Layers is another of my favorites.


  8. Yum! You got me wanting some gum! I've tried the key lime pie gum, it was delicious, and, {the best part!} It actually tastes like key lime pie! Haha, I just realized that every sentence I wrote has an exclamation point at the end (I guess gum just gets me excited!)....!

  9. Wow! I never heard of those gum flavors, before now. ;) They look really yummy! :)

  10. I love gum...haven't tried those flavors, but they sound yummy! :)

  11. Wow! That is really neat that there is dessert gum out there!! I just might have to try some sometime...=)
    I am totally a gum aholic too!

  12. Hello Lucia,

    I just stumbled across your blog...and when I read this post I died laughing....why? Because it is sooooo me....and I laughed even harder when I read about the Extra flavors. Yep, I tried 'em all too. :) heehee.

    Thanks for sharing about gum. :)



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