Friday, October 22, 2010

A Loverly Thing...

...I was tagged by the lovely Miss Anna of Send Me A Song {do head over there and say hello, will ye?}! Isn't that dee-lightful? And it is a unique tag, too...not your every-day-boring-list-of-questions-tag! Let's get started, shall we? =)

1. What do you imagine being, other than your plain 'ol everyday self?

Oh, goodness! So many things. :) I've imagined being a heroine, a fairy, a princess, a butterfly, a pioneer, a bird...the imagination knows no bounds, but it always brings me straight home! ;)

2. Is there something you've tried before...a dare, a certain food, a hard project, anything...that you would never dream of doing again?


3. Is there a book that you've read at least five times from beginning to end?

Yes! Many, actually. "The Borrowed House" by Hilda Van Stockum..."The Millie Keith" series...(by whom? =) "The Witch of Blackbird Pond.." (by--I forget the authoress again!)..the list goes ON!

4. Do you have a special little weakness...that you just can't live without, and that gives you much happiness when obtained? [chocolate, shoes, something like that.]

Oh. Why did you ask? :) No..just kidding! Hmm, let me see: I couldn't live without my piano...when I am busy and rather stressed I can sit down and play, and it just makes me feel..wonderful! When I am feeling sluggish and need a lift, playing brings me life.

5. Do you prefer fast food or pizza?

Depends on which kind of fast-food...I'm not a huge fan of fried things (that is to say, I am a fan of them, but my body detests them! ;), so pizza is always *good!*

6. Have you ever gotten "dressed up" in a historical costume? for what occasion?

Yes! Mainly just for dress-up around the Anne of Green Gables photoshoot awhile back...I have always wanted to try out re-enacting. THAT would be fun!

7. Have you ever stayed up ALL night?

Yes. Sometimes un-intentionally...I just can't get to sleep!--But, a few times with friends. :) What are sleep-overs for? :D

8. Do you prefer men singers or women singers? Soprano, mezzos/baritones, tenors?

I love both. For certain songs I prefer men, and vice versa for women. It depends! I love hearing sopranos (and how high they can go, hehe!), but anything that sounds right for their voice is good with me!



You were given 8 questions from the person who tagged you before, your job was to answer them, and now write 8 (I did five, sorry!) questions of your own, then tag 8 people with your questions.

So, my dear

...Get to work on this fun tag, if you would like!

1. If you could go anywhere in the world for one year, where would it be?

2. What color would you choose to wear always if you could only wear that color? 

3. Would you be Laura or Mary Ingalls?

4. What book/movie character do you wish you could be for a day?

5. Have you ever read a book that brought you to tears?



  1. Oh, I didn't know you play the piano! So do I! How long have you been playing? I know what you mean, I couldn't live without my piano either. I love being able to play different songs that fit your different mood. Music is just so glorious!
    Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Laura dearest! :) I'll try to post them when I find the time! :)
    Your sister in Christ,


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