Saturday, October 23, 2010

~~Fall Garlands~~

...Little hands have been busy this week making pretty

Fall Garlands

to hang around our home and spice it up for Autumn.

To make one of these Fall lovelies, you need:

~ Thin colored paper

~Thin string


~Pencil for tracing

~Model leaves (unless you're good at freehand!)

..First, trace around as many model leaves as you want using the colored paper.

Next, cut out your leaves.

Now, punch two small holes in the tops of your leaves, large enough for your thin string to come through.

Finally, thread the string through, and crumple the leaves slightly so they have that "natural" look. :) 


~~Hang in an appropriate place!~~ 

See the resemblance? ;) *Sigh* Pretty!

~~ Miss Lucia ~~


  1. Ahhhhh, I'd love to make some of these! Adorable, and so charmingly seasonal, too! <3
    I'm also lovin' the new blog header... =)

  2. They look very pretty!



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