Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life, as It Is.


...Annnnnnd, I rolled my ankle. Again, again, and again. What is up? Three times in two weeks...can't be good. But, I shall be getting a brace for it presently, and I hope that will do the trick. Thank you all for your "well wishes;" my cold is much better now, know about my ankle. =P But, it is not sprained, only rolled.

What has been happening here? Much, and...not much. Of interest, that is. I have gotten several "orders" for my small free signature business...thank you, dearies! I apologise if I haven't gotten back to some of you customers; our computer is being fixed and I can only use Daddy's lap top every so often. Thus, I will be a bit behind--I hope you don't mind. =) *doggie face*

I didn't end up running in the race ankle was better, and I thought I was better, but when I got there and started warming up I suddenly felt reeeally bad and sick and...yeah. So, I just laid around and cheered my fellow team mates on in a somewhat croaky voice. :D

School has been gloriously busying of's been sunny weather dear friend Miss Emily's birthday was last week, and I am a little late in getting my card and *ahem*...special *package* out....{do run over to her lovely blog and wish her a somewhat late happy birthday, will ye?}...I am making progress on my quilt...we made our own tomato sauce with our abundant of our rabbits died...=( our turkey was butchered and is ready for Thanksgiving...hehehe....oh! We have a camera now. Expect {much needed} pictures soon! =D

..That's about it! {..And, are you getting tired of my little "....." by now? :) } And now, I must be off to our little homeschool co-op to play the piano for our lovely choir. Have a wonderful day, moiy dear followers and newcomers! And expect that blog-makeover soon...oh. Yet another e-mail I'm behind on...


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  1. Love your blog Lucia! It is so sweet and makes me so happy whenever I read it! Praying for you!

    In Him,


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