Monday, October 25, 2010

~Fall Photoshoot!~

My sister Olivia (18) and I had some fun today with the Autumn-ness that has been coming our way…during a break in the rain, we skipped outdoors to take some Fall photos. *smiles and claps her hands*

..The colors were so vibrant, especially near a certain yellow tree..

..And then, it began to rain again! Perhaps another photo time soon...=)



  1. You girls are SO pretty! <3 What a delightful fall time as sisters!~~

  2. Liv is gorgeous! And you, Lu, are so purty! Great photos! What a fun time you two must've had. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You are both so beautiful! And the photos are lovely. :-)

  4. Hi Lucia!! I'm one of Katie's friends who got the link to your blog from her blog. :) I love you and your sister's scarves!! They're gorgeous (I have a obsession with scarves!! hahaha!!) I took the time to read around on your blog and I love it!! :) I love the header too. :) Very creative.

  5. Lovely photographs, dear friend! You and your sister are so sweet!
    By the way, I love your new blog design... Great job!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  6. Hell Ladies!

    Thank you SO very much for your sweet compliments. <3

    Anna Dear~ Oh! Thank you, dear! <3 You and your sisters are GORGEOUSE, might I add? ;)

    Raquel Dear~ Thanks! =D Yes, we did have fun. I will tell her your compliment—how sweet of you to say!

    Polka Dot Dear~ =) Thank you so much! And for stopping by and commenting. Made my day! =)

    Camille Dear~ Thanks so much for coming over and checking my blog out! Awwe, thank you, Camille. I will have to look at your’s soon, too! I’m glad you like it.

    Jenna Dear~ Thank you, sister! <3 I received your letter a few days ago, and should have it sent soon. =) Yes—just temporary, but thank you!

    …Many blessings and thanks {again} to you all!!

    In Him,

  7. Hey Lucia! :)
    Love love love the pictures! You girls are beautiful! That reminds me, my sisters and I need to get outside and take fall pictures soon! :)


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